What Are Digestive Enzymes?

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Experts have referred to enzymes as the most important substances there are in our body, and that without them, life itself would not be possible.

It’s a fact that every chemical reaction in every body part we have depends on enzymes to allow everything to operate properly. Yes, that means every organ, the immune system, for every breathe we take, and to enable our eyes to see.

When we eat all that delicious and nutritious food our body needs to function and maintain it’s health, those vitamins and minerals all depend on enzymes so that they can give our body their vital nutrients.

Where do digestive enzymes come from?

Good nutritious food is how we can ensure we get enough enzymes into our system, but our body is able to produce them as well. Certain glands can do this, but mostly it’s done by the pancreas. As we grow older this internal enzyme production slows down, and so it’s even more important to supplement them through our diet.

Much of the food that most of us eat on a daily basis may not contain many enzymes, if any. That’s because they are destroyed during high heat cooking and so unless you are eating raw fruits and vegetables you may suffer from a digestive enzyme deficiency. A deficiency in enzymes can cause many digestive disorders and trigger other problems in our system.

Enzyme deficiencies can trigger somewhat of a domino effect on our health, and before you know it there can be several symptoms in play. Most of us would never guess that it was because of a lack of enzymes. This is the point where many people would think of getting enzyme supplements to help get their digestive health back in order, and so ensuring you get plenty of digestive enzymes can be a great way to prevent many digestive health problems.

Do digestive enzyme supplements work?

Since many of us simply don’t eat a healthy and wide range diet full of quality food, it’s natural to turn to supplements. The problem with many enzyme supplements is they simply don’t work. Because enzymes are made from protein, they will get eaten up by the protein-eating stomach enzymes known as pepsin.

How kiwi fruit can help

Besides having the most and widest range of vitamins and minerals, the kiwi fruit contains an enzyme called actinidin and can pass through the stomach enzymes and make it’s way through the digestive tract where it can benefit the entire digestive system.

Of course there are other important things that help keep our digestive tract healthy, and one of the most crucial of them all is the good, beneficial bacteria known as “gut flora”. This is why people take things such as probiotics and prebiotics. Keeping large amounts of this good bacteria in our gut can have a significant impact on digestive health and medical scientists say that everything that happens in the intestines, good or bad, will have an impact on our health… and don’t forget, all disease gets it’s start in the intestinal tract.

The kiwi fruit also contains large amounts of the prebiotic fiber that feeds our good gut bacteria. The kiwi also has good amounts of phenolic compounds which have many health benefits, particularly in being able to stop the production of dangerous bacteria and proving us with protective antioxidants.

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