Vegetarian Digestive Supplements

Vegetarian Digestive Supplements

You need to be careful when choosing a digestive supplement, even if it’s a vegetarian digestive supplement. Why? Because some just don’t work.

First of all, choosing a vegetarian capsule over the old gelatin capsule is a great idea. Many people are still unaware of what goes into gelatin. Without getting into a long list of ingredients here, you should know that it’s very good for the animal industry since it’s a profitable way for them to get rid of animal parts that can’t be eaten by humans – things like hoofs, bones, ears and cartilage all cooked up in a boiling process.

It’s amazing that some people are still buying these capsules. Unfortunately, because of the costs, most companies are still using them. You need to look hard to find one and that’s one of the reasons we chose Maxalife, but more on that later.

Enzyme deficiency

Most of the time someone is searching for a digestive supplement it’s because they have a an enzyme deficiency. This is very common in our western society because of the high processed foods most people eat all too often. This type of diet lacks most of the dietary fiber we need and the digestive enzymes as well, not to mention many vitamins and minerals.

Enzyme deficiencies can cause many symptoms such as heartburn, gas, bloating, high blood pressure, constipation, weight gain, cardiovascular problems, inflammation, fatigue, arthritis, Crohn’s disease plus many others.

Here is the problem with taking a vegetarian digestive supplement

Vegetarian or any other for that matter because in this case it’s not the gelatin capsule that’s the problem, it’s the supplement itself. Enzymes are made of protein. When you ingest enzyme supplements they will be consumed by the natural one that are already there, like the enzyme pepsin.

They will destroy most, if not all of the enzyme supplements you take while they are in your stomach, therefore not getting any further along to the small intestine where the digestive system will take the digested nutrients that are sent from the stomach for your body to make use of.

 How to get around this problem

The prebiotic supplement MX Kiwi Biotic is made from a real food source, actually the most nutrient-rich fruit available; the kiwifruit. Called one of the world’s true “superfoods” by many nutritionist and scientists it makes the perfect digestive supplement. Here’s why;

Digestive Enzymes – kiwifruit is loaded with natural occurring digestive enzymes your body needs for proper food break-down.

Dietary Fiber – the kiwi has the 2 main types of dietary fiber you need for optimum bowel function, soluble and insoluble fiber.

Phenolic Compounds – phenolic compounds found in some fruit skins such as grapes and kiwifruit, support your probiotics or good bacteria, while stopping the dangerous bacteria from growing. They also play an important role as protecting from oxidization and against cancer by attacking radical DNA cells because of their antioxidant content.

And it’s vegetarian!

Kiwi Biotic is 100% natural, yes even the capsule, which makes this the best vegetarian digestive supplement you can buy anywhere!

Where to get MX Kiwi Biotic

It’s made by Maxalife from New Zealand, where they boast an almost 100% pollution-free environment as well as some of the cleanest water in the world.