Focusing In On The Right Digestive Health Supplements

Focusing In On The Right Digestive Health Supplements

When you think about the words; digestive health supplements, what do you envision? An enzyme pill, a probiotic supplement or drink? A prebiotic powder? That term can certainly be vague to say the least.

What is clear though, is anyone looking for a quality digestive health supplement is looking to improve their digestive health due to some type of digestive tract symptom or disorder. The mistake often made though, is that the supplement doesn’t work as expected or the wrong one is chosen for the type of symptom it was meant to treat or cure.

Digestive enzyme supplement pills don’t work

One of the more common reasons to buy a digestive supplement is due to a digestive enzyme deficiency. Unfortunately these don’t actually do anything to increase your enzyme count. This is because an enzyme that’s been extracted from a plant or food will not behave the same as it does in it’s natural state.

When the supplement is ingested the enzyme gets instantly eaten up by your stomach enzyme known as pepsin, who’s job it is to break down all protein enzymes it can, and it does a good job at it. Your supplement won’t make it past your stomach, making it useless. You are much better off getting enzymes from fruits and vegetables.

Probiotic supplements

Probiotic supplements contain living bacterial strains (providing you choose a quality product) that may help to populate the micro-flora in your gut. This is the good, beneficial bacteria we need for good digestive health. Taking probiotics will only help so much because this type of bacteria cannot support itself.

What recent research has found

Scientists are researching more into the workings prebiotics because this is what probiotics feed on. Prebiotics are not a living micro-organism like the probiotics, but are mostly indigestible dietary fibers we get from certain foods. These fibers break down finally when entering the colon and start to ferment. It’s this fermentation that the beneficial bacteria there thrives on and if this happens more often than not, you will have found the perfect digestive health supplement.

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To your health!