Slow Digestion Remedies

Slow Digestion Remedies

If you are suffering from a slow digestive system there are ways to fix the problem. Here we will reveal why you got this way, and tell you a few slow digestion remedies that will fix your problem.

Nutrition and diet are subjects that western doctors don’t know too much about, so when we seek help in these matters they usually prescribe a drug to help us deal with the symptoms as we get them. So much for our health care system.

We need to look at ways to cure our problems instead of using drugs as a temporary band-aid. Our modern western diet in general has caused many of our modern and very common health problems, specifically digestive disorders.

Step #1 – Do this now!

Start cutting back on the high processed foods, specifically pre-packaged and fast foods. These all contain man-made additives and chemicals that are  slowly destroying your digestive system and organs. They are also the main reason for our obesity epidemic. If you have a hard time believing this, stop and think for a minute…

Why are some rural populations in such places like Africa and Asia free form obesity and most of our every day common diseases? It’s not the amount of food eaten, it’s the type of food. Those populations don’t eat highly processed foods full of toxic and dangerous man-made chemicals like our western modern society.

Step #2 – unclog your liver

The liver plays a major role in many of our body’s primary functions and digestion is one of them. When too much fat gets into the liver it gets clogs and can cause fatty liver disease which can lead to many disorders.

Eat fruit – eat more grapefruit, kiwifruit, and apples. These furies specifically help to cleanse the liver, as well as the colon and can regulate blood sugar and stave off certain food cravings which will help you crave more junk food.

Step #3 – walk

Start walking more. It sounds too simple, you don’t even need to break a sweat. Two prominent physicians in the 1970’s discovered that a slow, steady walk for about an hour a day will reset your body’s weight set point. Our body was made to walk and most of us simply don’t do it enough.

Step #4 – add more dietary fiber

As mentioned earlier about the low quality processed food diets many of us eat, there is little to no dietary fiber in these foods that have had these nutrients refined right out of them. Sure they taste good but they aren’t giving us the required fiber to keep our digestive system functioning properly.

There are many more things you can do to for slow digestion remedies but these are the most important few things to get your digestive system back on track to being more balanced. If you suffer from slow digestion your system is very out of balance and you need to start here.

A good start for anyone looking to improve their digestive system, including slow digestion, constipation and other intestinal disorders is including the kiwifruit in your diet. The kiwifruit has been proven to aid digestion along with many other health benefits.

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