Restoring Digestive Health

Restoring Digestive Health

Restoring digestive health is, and should be a major concern for almost everybody at any age. It’s truly amazing what our digestive system can put up with year after year. Most people don’t give it a second thought until a painful digestive disorder comes along.

Most digestive health problems arise after too many years of not eating the necessary nutrients your body needs to keep all systems functioning as they should. Researchers have linked so many symptoms and disorders to poor diet, sometimes stress, and sometimes a combination.

It’s not rocket science

If I have constipation, I don’t need a doctor to tell me I should get more dietary fiber in me so my colon can get the nutrients necessary to make things right. And if I truly need some good fiber I also know that eating a Big Mac won’t do the trick either. We have been told since grade school to eat more vegetables and fruits and wholesome grains and legumes etc, but most of us still eat too many highly processed foods that have most of the beneficial nutrients processed out of them.

There is a saying doctors use that goes like this – 85% of all illnesses can be cured with proper diet and rest. So it’s obvious that nutrition is key, and where it starts is in our intestines. Nutritional scientists are doing much research now on prebiotic substances because they know that what happens in the intestines, both good and bad, have a major consequence to our health.

A healthy intestinal tract is all about the micro flora; that is the beneficial bacteria we all have living in our gut (intestines). Along with the trillions or so good bacteria residing there, bad and potentially dangerous bacteria called pathogens live there as well. Our only job is to make sure we support the good bacteria and not so much the bad. How do we do this?


The beneficial bacteria is also known as probiotics. These microorganisms can be supplemented with fermented foods such as yogurt but what some people who run out and buy probiotic supplements don’t realize that probiotics are not self-supporting, and need the nutrients of prebiotics to feed on and grow.

How prebiotics work

First, some nutrients from prebiotic substances will get used early in the digestive tract and feed some bacteria but their key function is as dietary fibers and what happens in the colon, or large intestine. When soluble fiber hits the colon it starts to ferment. This is important because it’s this fermentation that not only feeds beneficial bacteria but inhibits the growth of dangerous bacteria at the same time.

This is all possible because the fiber fermentation produces special molecules called shot-chain fatty acids that have the ability to stop the pathogens from sticking to the colon wall where they like to set up shop and form cells. Sometimes these cells can grow further to become polyps, which is very bad news because it’s these polyps that are precursors for colon cancer.

Restoring digestive health can begin simply by getting more prebiotics into your diet. If you start omitting some processed foods as well, you’ll be even further ahead and will be undoubtedly thanked by your entire digestive system.

Begin  restoring your digestive health today with the highest quality prtebiotic supplement

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