Prebiotics vs Probiotics

Prebiotics vs Probiotics

If you’re looking for information on prebiotics vs probiotics it may be because some manufacturer made claims for the one they are selling and how much important it is than the other… this is wrong!

Prebiotics and probiotics are totally different and one is not more important than the other, they work together.

 First a little clarification:

Probiotics – living micro-organisms inside our intestines, also called our gut.
Prebiotics – important nutrients found in certain foods we eat.

 Here’s how it works:

Those living micro-organisms in our gut are also sometimes called good bacteria or even probiotics. Probiotics, more rightfully means supplements we buy or the ones added to fermented foods like yogurt. This group of good bacteria living in our gut lives alongside some very bad bacteria as well. When we eat, we feed all of this bacteria, good and bad.

It’s what we eat that determines which bacteria will get most of the growth benefits which ultimately dictate whether our health is good or bad. This is where prebiotics come in…

The nutrients that prebiotic food has are what feeds the good bacteria inside us. Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, are important and we need to make them grow and multiply, but they are not self-supporting and so cannot grow unless they get prebiotics to feed on.

The battle between good and evil

There is a constant battle between the good and bad bacteria in our intestinal tract, and like I said, who the winner is depends on what we eat. You know what the good bacteria like to feed on, do you know what the bad bacteria likes? Junk food, especially ones high in refined sugars. That’s what they thrive on and that’s why there’s so many people with digestive disorders.

The junk diet usually wins

Doctors and nutritional experts tell us all the time; eat more quality foods like whole-grains, raw vegetables, and more fresh fruits. We all know this but we all like fast foods and deep fried chicken, and who doesn’t like Dairy Queen right?

We don’t need to never ever eat this type of food, but if we do, then we should have more of a balance to get the good nutrients in us as well. If we don’t, we end up giving the dangerous bacteria too much power and that’s when health problems start.

Part of the problem may be the solution

If we all know that we need to eat raw veggies and brown rice etc, then why don’t we? Well, most of us in the western society have been raised on processed food so the unrefined stuff doesn’t always taste as good.

What foods are prebiotics?

Prebiotic foods are mostly those in the carbohydrate food group. This means whole-grains like rice, bread, pasta barley and legumes, beans etc. Also, many vegetables and fruits. Isn’t it interesting how the group of prebiotics are exactly the same as the group of foods the experts are telling us to eat more of for better health? Are you starting to see the picture?

The perfect solution for improving your digestive health:

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