Prebiotics For a Healthier Liver

Prebiotics For a Healthier Liver

Any health conscious person will have concern or at least an interest in having and keeping a liver that is as healthy as can be. Although the term prebiotics isn’t always followed by mention of the liver, prebiotics have great potential to benefit your liver.

There are many types of disease associated with the liver, the most common being fatty liver disease. This is the type that is not alcohol related and is called non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Severe symptoms of this can be as bad as seen in severe alcoholic livers. In other words, a lot of unhealthy fat from your diet can cause as much liver damage as excessive alcohol intake.

Most western medical treatments are only based on treating the symptoms of disease and not the cure. There is big money in selling drugs after all. There has been some very good news concerning scientific studies on prebiotic substances and how they can positively affect our intestinal health, which has a direct and positive effect on our liver. It has been shown that prebiotics can control weight gain, lower cholesterol and balance blood sugars, all helpful things that can only have a positive effect on the liver.

Clinical studies using nutritional medicine, not drugs, has been shown to be possible to reverse not only fatty liver disease but other types of chronic liver disease as well. Thankfully, the liver has the ability to regenerate and repair itself if given the chance and the nutritional help it needs.

Prebiotics for liver health?

There are billions, some say trillions of bacteria living in our gut (intestines). Most of these are in the colon, which is also known as the large intestine. Hopefully for you, there are many more of the good bacteria there than there is bad bacteria. Too much dangerous bacteria in the large intestine for too long periods of time can create many digestive disorders, the most dangerous being colon cancer.

Since fatty liver sufferers have bad bacterial makeup in their colon, this can cause what is known as leaky gut disease. What happens is the intestinal wall gets damaged enough for blood to leak through and will go directly to the liver. If the colon is permeated with toxins and dangerous bacteria, it will pass it all along the the liver where it can cause it to work overtime and this can have serious effects on the entire immune system which can cause a lot of other problems.

 Recommended Solution For a Better Liver Through Prebiotics:

While it’s true prebiotics can improve many digestive disorders naturally, not all prebiotic supplements are created equal. Far from it.

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