Prebiotics and Weight Loss

Prebiotics and Weight Loss


Ask anyone who has tried to lose weight several times and they’ll tell you that diets are not an easy thing to stay committed to. New fad diets will never stop coming along because there are always millions of people desperate to lose weight and will try the next, shiny new idea.

If this sounds familiar and makes sense to you, why not just go with the right and natural diet you’ve known about since grade school? How many times have you read and heard about the government recommended food groups and how many servings of this and that you should be eating a day?

We’ve known about this since we were kids. I’m talking about the group of wholesome foods recommended to get the required nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. You know the foods I’m talking about; whole-grains, a variety of vegetables and fresh fruits. This is nothing new to any of us but we’re still looking for the magic pill or diet. Sorry folks, there is no such thing, except that food group just mentioned.

Of course there is more to this group but what was mentioned above is basically one of the 3 main food groups we get our nutrition from, carbohydrates. The other two groups are fats and proteins.

But you wanted to know about prebiotics and weight loss so why am I talking about carbohydrates? Well, because that’s where prebiotics mostly come from. There are a few exceptions like red wine, raw honey and dark chocolate believe it or not, but prebiotic foods mainly come from the carb group.

It’s not how much you eat, it’s what you eat

When we feed our body food that contains plenty of nutrients such as dietary fiber, it will keep you full and satisfied for a reasonably long time, and fiber has zero calories. All carbs have plenty of fiber, some more than others of course, but this is why they’re so important for a weight loss diet.

One type of dietary fiber known as soluble fiber, actually forms into a gel-like sticky substance and releases a foods energy into the digestive system slowly. This makes you feel fuller and satisfied during this time, it’s suppressing your appetite, hey, people pay good money for appetite suppressant products and now you’ve learned about how to do it by simply eating the right foods.

Slow and steady

In studies focusing on the consumption of prebiotics’ affect on weight loss, the actual amount of pounds shed over long periods of time (several weeks) was not a lot of pounds. But when these types of studies are being done, the subjects are not doing any additional lifestyle changes such as physical activity, which if they were, they would lose even more weight.

You know by now that the magic pill doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean someone won’t try and sell you one though. Go for it and do it the healthy and natural way… with prebiotics.


“… after a week my digestion had improved 100 fold, but the most amazing effect was my sugar cravings disappeared and appetite reduced markedly. I find when I eat, I get full quicker.I recommended it to a workmate who reported the same effect to me. Possibly the best weight loss supplement out there! I never send reviews in, but had to for this, as everything it says it will do, it has. And it is affordable. Thanks for a great supplement!
Scott C, NZ  August 24th, 2011

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