Prebiotic Supplements

Prebiotic Supplements

Prebiotic supplements are your best choice for many problems or disorders in your digestive system. While there’s many products on the market to help deal with symptoms like constipation and heartburn, only masking the symptoms with temporary relief. Prebiotics, given enough time to re-balance your system may help cure many of them.

*Note – not all prebiotic supplements are made equal!

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There are several choices in the market when choosing prebiotic supplements. We have seen them all, and even done some research on some of the more popular ones like Bimuno and Prebiotin. You can check those out if interested but to put it simply, they are like most prebiotic supplements available; a little behind in nutritional science.

First Came Inulin and Oligofructose

You may have come across some of the popular ones from this last decade which are made with 2 key ingredients; inulin and oligofructose (FOS). Inulin is extracted from several plants and oligofructose is extracted either from chicory root or is synthetically made. The problem many people had with inulin/FOS is the extra gas and bloating it caused them.

Some Prebiotic Supplements Can and Should Give You More Than Fiber

Soluble fiber is the active ingredient in prebiotics and necessary for a healthy digestive system but there is more to it. Getting your digestive tract is about achieving a certain balance, it’s not just about being “regular”.


You need digestive enzymes to begin the digestion process and break down the food. This is where many digestive disorders start if food isn’t broken down properly. If you are deficient in enzymes your food will continue on through the digestive tract in bigger pieces than it should be, causing problems.

One problem is it won’t be able to pass into the blood stream from the small intestine, depriving you of important nutrients you would otherwise have. Other problems can be bloating and flatulence, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Phenolic Compounds

Phenols are acid molecules that contain antioxidants which protect us from pathogens and other dangerous toxins. They are found in fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants prevent pre-mature aging by fighting oxidization. They also fight of the growth of potentially dangerous and abnormal cells, some of which can be cancer-forming.

 Our Recommended Highest Quality Prebiotic Supplement

When it comes to the benefits of prebiotics, not all supplements are created equal.

These are the important things to look for:

  • derived from a natural food source
  • contains enzymes, phenolics and dietary fiber
  • not be extracted using high heat, which kills enzymes
  • all natural without artificial fillers or chemicals

It’s for these reasons and more that as far as prebiotic supplements go, one product we’ve discovered stands head and shoulders above the rest.

It’s called MX Kiwi Biotic from Maxalife.

If you want all the benefits of prebiotic supplements, you’ll want to check out this product. It’s all natural and made from the most nutrient-dense fruit of all, the kiwifruit. The kiwifruit contains more vitamins and minerals than other fruits but also contains the important prebiotic dietary fiber as well as enzymes and phenolic compounds.

Maxalife are so confident and proud of this unique prebiotic supplement that they have a 6 month guarantee, saying that you will feel it’s benefits inside the 1st month, if not after several days of using it. We haven’t seen a guarantee like this from anyone else.

 Click here to check out the list of health benefits from Kiwi Biotic all-natural prebiotic supplement from Maxalife and get your digestive health back.



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