Prebiotic Supplements and Weight Loss

Prebiotic Supplements and Weight Loss

Are prebiotics effective for weight loss? Yes. Are prebiotics the new fad diet or magic pill? You already know the answer is no. Prebiotic supplements and weight loss make sense since prebiotic nutrients are the basis of a quality, natural and healthy diet.

Many people are overweight because of our terrible western diet. Full of highly refined foods loaded with unhealthy fats and sugars. If you’re overweight, nothing will change until a shift in diet is made. There is no magic weight loss pill, and so the only way to get weight off is slowly and steadily, which can be done sure-as-rain, is if the right foods are eaten.

Prebiotics have been recommended forever

When we talk about foods, we really mean nutrients. We all learned about the right way of eating way back in grade school. Grains and cereals, lots of fruits and vegetables. Guess what? Nothing has changed. The good news is that the prebiotics that you’re wondering about are the same foods that have been part of the carbohydrate food group all along.

That’s right. Except for a few exceptions such as dark chocolate and red wine, most prebiotic foods come from the carbohydrate food group.

Dietary fiber in particular is very beneficial in helping with weight control, and in fact, can be the key to your very own personal and natural weight loss program. Here’s how it works:

Fiber, soluble fiber in particular is a prebiotic. When you ingest it, it’s capable of holding onto the food sugars and releasing that energy slowly into the bloodstream. This timely process makes you feel full and satisfied longer. People buy pills to do this exact same thing… they’re called hunger suppressant supplement pills.

Other choices include pharmaceutical drugs and expensive pills

The drug companies figured out a synthetic way to do it with pharmaceutical drugs, and you can pay about $60 for a month’s supply of hoodia pills… or you can do it with a piece of fruit or a good prebiotic supplement.

Our bad western diet is also ruining the bacterial balance in the colon. This also contributes to weight gain because this abnormal colon bacterial mix allows twice as many more calories to be absorbed.

Without important fibers and acid molecules prebiotics provide to colon digestion, bad bacteria can build up and cause severe symptoms, including colon cancer. The good news of course is that you can prevent all this!

Prebiotic Supplements Can Help

The reason most diets don’t work is because it’s so difficult for most of us to drastically change our eating habits. In this case, supplements can be a great idea. As long as they are high quality ones.

In all our research, the only one that is 100% natural, made entirely from a “prebiotic superfood”, the kiwifruit, is called MX Kiwi Biotic. A high quality prebiotic supplement made by Maxalife, a natural supplement company from the almost pollution-free environment of New Zealand.

Kiwi Biotic is the new wave of prebiotic supplements, unlike the ones from the last decade made from things such as inulin and psyllium husks, which are good sources of dietary fiber, but that’s where they end.

Since Kiwi Biotic is made from the entire kiwifruit, the most nutrient-dense fruit in nature, it contains both soluble and insoluble fibers, important enzymes for breaking down foods, and phenolic compounds which supply the system with bacteria and toxin fighting antioxidants.

There are others out there, even ones made with kiwifruit, but because of the high heat extraction process used by most manufacturers, the enzymes get destroyed, producing an inferior product. Maxalife has a unique water-based extraction process which does not destroy any of the nutrients.

For more information that we can possibly give you here, go to their website to find out more