Are Prebiotic Supplements Safe?

Are Prebiotic Supplements Safe?

Natural prebiotics come from a variety of foods we eat, but the question; are prebiotic supplements safe is a valid one. As with any supplement, choosing the most natural product is wisest because taking them on a daily basis for possibly months or even years can add up to ingesting a lot of chemicals and artificial fillers as many companies use in their manufacturing.

While doing research on a variety of supplements we found most companies will buy mass-produced products from suppliers that need to make the most quantity instead of fewer and better quality. It’s no shock to any of us that as in most other businesses the dollar is the bottom line and most will operate this way at every level.

Two categories of supplement makers

If we look at the two general categories of prebiotic supplement manufacturers found on the market today, we can devoid them into:

1 – natural food companies
2 – pharmaceutical drug companies

Option #3: not natural

If you’re like us; trying to get healthy as naturally as you possibly can, then you’re not looking for supplements made with chemical-based products which can also use things like artificial fillers and pesticides all packed into a capsule made of gelatin, which is normally made with discarded by-animal products through a boiling process. No thank you.

Option #2: kinda natural

There are some prebiotic supplements available that claim to be made from natural sources, and even though this is not a lie, it’s also not revealing everything. When a nutrient is taken from a source and separated from the other nutrients, it doesn’t carry the same potency as it did when intact with the entire source.

Beware of products that are made entirely with FOS and Inlulin

A sugar derivative of fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) is often used with inulin which is a dietary fiber. These were the best-known products for making prebiotic supplements around 10 years ago. Newer research has found other sources and ways to do it better.

Doctors Rubin and Brasco who authored the book “Restoring Your Digestive health” state that “Popular prebiotic supplements include FOS and inulin. In our experience, these supplements do not help patients, but instead cause them to develop bloating and gas.”

Option #1: all natural

It took a while but we found a company from New Zealand with honest values that are making pure and all-natural products, a breathe of fresh air in this business. New Zealand is known for their kiwifruit production and the company Maxalife has developed a non-chemical way of extracting the kiwi nutrients using a unique system, which uses only water in the entire process.

They aren’t the only company that discovered the kiwifruit as one of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods and a perfect choice for a potent prebiotic, (read about the benefits of kiwifruit here if interested) but they are the only ones making it 100% pure and natural… even the capsules are made with vegetable sources and we like that.

For more information than we could possibly fit on here, please check out the Maxalife website for yourself. You’ll also notice a 6 month guarantee on the Kiwi Biotic prebiotic supplement… we’ve never heard of another company doing that!