Finding the Best Prebiotic Supplements for Children

Finding the Best Prebiotic Supplements for Children

With a wide variety of probiotic and an increasing number of prebiotic supplements available for children, parents usually rely on foods with added supplementation such as yogurt to provide relief when their children suffer from digestive problems.

These probiotic supplements are also commonly used for boosting the immune system and providing other digestive health benefits. These health benefits have become widely accepted but now there’s new evidence which suggests the benefits linked to probiotic products have fallen short on their promises.

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

To gain the most health benefits possible it’s crucial to understand the difference between probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotic products that we have relied on do not actually exist in nature. Instead, they are made by the process of fermentation therefore manmade. Even more importantly, evidence now suggests that these products may not even provide the health benefits suggested. This is particularly true when it comes to treating recurring diarrhea in children.

What are prebiotics?

prebiotic-supplements-for-childrenTo really take advantage of these health benefits, prebiotics are needed rather than probiotics. Prebiotics are found in a wide variety of fruits & vegetables especially kiwifruit, raw oats, raw honey,  unrefined wheat and barley, soluble fiber, raw onions and raw Jerusalem artichokes.

It might seem reasonable that in order to gain the health benefits of these foods you could simply add them to your daily diet; that’s not actually the case because you would need to consume many times the amount of a regular serving in order to gain the required health benefits. For children, this becomes more of a problem because it can be difficult getting kids to eat foods that are new to them.

Also, most benefits aren’t actually found in the food itself, such as the fruit of the kiwifruit. Instead, the real benefits are in the skin. If you’ve ever eaten a kiwi skin you know it’s a bit tough and sour.


The Real Solution for Prebiotic Supplements for Children

So, what do you do in order to gain the necessary health benefits of prebiotics? Easy… prebiotic supplements for children. Children don’t have to eat the fruit skin, or even consume mountains of fruit they may not even like anyways, becasue now, there’s an all natural soloution…

MX Kiwi Biotic is the only supplement we found that’s 100% natural. Made entirely with kiwifruit, a perfect prebiotic nutrient-rich food – it’s a simple solution that balances the digestive system in both children and adults.

What sets Kiwi Biotic apart from other kiwi-based supplements is in the extraction process used by MaxaLife. Their own proprietary system uses only water for extracting all the nutrients from the kiwifruit including the skin, which has many of the prebiotic nutrients such as the all important dietary fibers.

This extraction process makes all the difference because the alternative methods involve a heating process which destroys many of the enzymes. Many kiwi-based supplements are freeze-dried powders that don’t include the kiwifruit skin, making them a much inferior product.

Adding to that, when you consider the chemicals, solvents, and pesticides used in other methods why would you not choose the all-natural one? Even the Kiwi Biotic capsules are made from vegetable sources… most companies still use the old standard gelatine which is made with animal by-products, the kind that are discarded because they aren’t edible.

Today we’re exposed to a lot of toxic and noxious substances so it’s very important that we protect the delicate digestive systems of our children. High-quality prebiotic supplements for children ensure your child has all of the help they need for a healthy future.

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