5 Reasons Why This Prebiotic Supplement Can Help IBS

5 Reasons Why This Prebiotic Supplement Can Help IBS

IBS sufferers need to try different things to keep those nasty symptoms at bay. Since not everyone will have exactly the same symptoms and even the same effect or outcome when trying different ways of dealing with them, new ideas and discoveries should always be welcomed.

After much research, we’ve noticed there are certain elements, components, and nutritional dietary recommendations that are generally agreed upon by many experts specializing in IBS. What is interesting and very important to note is how all of the recommendations can be supplied by the kiwifruit, and more specifically MX Kiwi Biotic, the kiwifruit prebiotic supplement and how it can benefit IBS:

1 – Take a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement daily

Your body, including your GI tract needs 19 vitamins and minerals daily to function normally. This is in addition to the required fat, protein, carbs and fiber. There are single supplements you can buy that include all these in a multi vitamin pill and since you’ll get some in your food, and not others a supplement is a good idea.

Although the kiwifruit does not contain every one of these, it does contain a wider variety than any other single piece of fruit.

2 – Increase your intake of B complex, vitamin C and E

IBS sufferers are often stressed by their condition, which elevates their metabolism as part of the body’s defense mechanism. Flare-ups produce more stress. It’s for these reasons that the group of B vitamins, called B complex are recommended because they are called the “stress vitamins”.

People under stress, and even depression often seem to function better when taking these vitamins along with vitamins C and E.

When your body is under stress it uses up more vitamin C, and so does pollution and smoke, so supplementation is recommended.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient and since people with IBS can lose these because of diarrhea and nutrient malabsorption, supplementation is recommended. It also fights against the dangerous process called oxidization, which speeds up the entire aging process.

The kiwifruit contains more vitamin E than 3 apples, twice the amount of vitamin C than an orange, and contains B1, B2, and B6 of the complex vitamins.

3 – Increase your potassium intake

Diarrhea is a big robber of potassium. The loss of potassium can effect fatigue to serious heart problems in extreme cases. It also upsets the body’s K-factor. This means the ratio of potassium to sodium. If an unbalanced ratio is prolonged for 10 years or more, high blood pressure is almost certain.

The kiwifruit has almost as much potassium as a large mango.

4 – Get more calcium and magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are two important minerals from the group your body needs, but they are sometimes difficult to get. It’s very common for people with IBS to avoid dairy products because most are lactose intolerant. This can be a problem in getting the required amounts of calcium and magnesium from foods so supplements would be a good idea here.

These two minerals are also contained in the kiwifruit.

5 – Eat more dietary fiber

Many modern digestive disorders, including IBS are in part due to the decline of fiber we get from our highly processed food diets. We need fiber badly if our digestive system is going to work properly, because if it doesn’t we are in potential danger of some very serious diseases.

Hard, or insoluble fiber sweeps up the waste along the intestines and helps form it into movable stools that can easily and quickly make an exit from our body.

Soft, or soluble prebiotic fiber is called that because it is the one that feeds the beneficial probiotic bacteria in the intestines. This is a key point for good digestive health. Soluble fiber ferments in the large colon and besides feeding the beneficial bacteria, is able to stop the growth of the dangerous bacteria that can be cancer forming.

Nutritionists recommend getting good amounts of both these types of fiber and the kiwifruit has good amounts of them.

Although no one food can contain everything you need, hopefully you can see that the kiwifruit can supply a very wide range of nutrients that fall into the irritable bowel syndrome recommended list.

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To your health!