Natural Digestive Supplements

Natural Digestive Supplements Are The Way To Go

For every digestive problem we face, rest assured the big pharmaceutical drug pushers, I mean companies, have lots of products we can choose from. Synthetic substances, chemicals, and drugs to relief symptoms of everything from constipation to heartburn.

Choosing an alternative to their drugs, going with a natural digestive supplement is a much smarter and safer choice.

Natural supplement companies themselves have a wide variety of products for several different digestive problems too, sometimes zeroing in on the right one can be difficult, or expensive if you need multiple products.

We found the answer!

Without hesitation we can say that MaxaLife are one of the top companies in the world for business and manufacturing ethics. They are the type of company who would pay more for an ingredient if it makes the end product a higher quality one… this may sound too straight forward and obvious, but most companies out there do not act in this way and make every decision based on the bottom line; the dollar.

We buy all our natural digestive supplements from MaxaLife who are in New Zealand, but ship world-wide. New Zealand has it’s advantages for producing, fishing and growing since it’s one of the cleanest environments in the world. Pristine water and no big industry pollution.


This natural digestive supplement stands high above the rest…

MX Kiwi Biotic, one of their newest products was created to take over from where probiotic supplements stopped. Many big, but unsubstantiated claims have been made by probiotic manufacturers, and while there has been much evidence that we need that type of beneficial bacteria in our gut, most probiotic products fall short of delivering them.

Kiwi Biotic is an all-natural prebiotic digestive supplement. Prebiotic fiber is what feeds the good gut bacteria (probiotics). What many people don’t understand about probiotics is they aren’t self supportive, meaning they can’t feed on themselves, but need the nutrients that prebiotic fiber provides.

 Important prebiotic nutrients

Since Kiwi Biotic from MaxaLife is made entirely from new Zealand-grown kiwifruit, it contains a wider variety of substances than other prebiotic supplements, both natural or unnatural. The little kiwifruit has the biggest list of nutrients and health benefits of any other fruit.

Soluble fiber – this is mostly found in the skin of the fruit and is what our beneficial bacteria in our intestinal tract thrives on, also inhibiting the growth of dangerous bacteria by creating an acidic environment in the colon.

Digestive enzymes – enzymes are our most important nutrient because without them nothing can happen. Enzyme deficiencies are also one of our most common digestive problems that can trigger more disorders by being in low supply of them because of our poor American diets.

Polyphenols – phenols contain antioxidants which have protective powers for our body. These destroy free radical cells which can be harmful, even cancerous.
They also protect against oxidization, which can lead to age related diseases and speed up our aging process.

There you have it in a nutshell… or should I say a Kiwi Biotic capsule, which by the way is made from 100% vegetarian sources, unlike most capsules used in the supplement industry that are still being made from left over animal by-products such as hoofs and cartilage.

 Learn more about the natural digestive supplement that stand head and shoulders above the rest.



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