Natural Digestive Health

Natural Digestive Health

What we’ve learned from nutritional science is that what happens in our digestive system, specifically the intestinal tract, has major consequences to our entire health. This is one of the reasons for ongoing studies into the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics and how they are benefiting our natural digestive health in so many ways.

From the middle of the 20th century up until today, our health has been slowly deteriorating. More obesity, more sickness and disease, more drugs but no cures. A prediction many of us that are skeptical about our North American health and medical system, believe that it will face the same thing that happened to the giant tobacco industry; they lied to the public for many years about their products being safe until too much evidence against them finally exposed the real facts.

The food industry along with the pharmaceutical industry are getting away with murder, literally. Even though certain chemicals and drugs used by both these industries have been proven to cause health problems, potential dangerous health risks and even death, they are still allowed to operate using these substances. Who can allow this to happen? The FDA and your government.

Ever since the fast rise of high processed foods became our way of life, the statistics for cancer, heart attacks, strokes and a number of other diseases and digestive disorders has increased year after year. The questionable fact is, why?


The fact that a number of our more modern disorders and disease were virtually unknown 60 or more years ago is suspicious since the food industry’s modern processing techniques really took off around the middle of the 20th century.

We consume more man-made, chemically altered and processed foods now than ever before. More Americans are dependent on drugs and medications, some on multiple products for multiple problems. It’s a fact that all drugs marketed by the pharmaceutical drug companies have a list of potential risks and can create a new problem other than the one you were talking it for.

Natural digestive health

Now that more people have woken up to what is truly happening in our modern society, there is more interest in opting for natural alternatives over traditional pharmaceutical drugs. Also, working to preventing disease through natural, healthy dieting instead of treating diseases with drugs. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

What we can control

Some things can be out of our control, such as the chemicals and toxins in the air we breath, unless we move to an inhabited part of the globe. Fortunately we can control things like diet and stress and eventually regain our well-balanced natural digestive health.


Fruits and vegetable as we all know are recommended for our daily diet to ensure we get enough vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber. Unfortunately, for many of us that try to eat several of these a day, we must realize that these products of today have drastically fallen in their nutrient content. This is due to the poorer soils we use and the way they are grown, which is to use hormones, and other chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.


The other main food group of grains do not provide us with many nutrients due to the highly processed techniques the commercial food companies use. Additives, chemicals, sugars and trans fats is what we ingest through virtually all processed foods we buy at the supermarket.

Ways to improve our natural digestive health

While it can be very difficult for many of us, due to lifestyle and accessibility, we should strive to get at least some of the more important nutrients that many of us have serious deficiencies in; enzymes and fiber.

Without suggestive enzymes and dietary fiber it’s impossible to have good health. Our digestive system requires these in abundance.

When your natural digestive health diet fails you, get help…