Kiwifruit Nutrition Benefits

Kiwifruit Nutrition & Benefits

“If an apple a day can keep the doctor away from you, just think what a kiwifruit a day can do.”

Most fruits are very healthy because they specialize in a few important nutrients we need, not the kiwifruit. The kiwifruit is different because it is much more nutrient-dense, containing an extremely wide-range of important nutrients and therefore has more health benefits for us.

Vitamin C

A kiwifruit has almost twice as much vitamin C than 2 oranges of equal weight. Although vitamin C helps with many health deficiencies and problems, researchers believe it’s a nutrient that promotes good, overall health.

In particular it has been shown to boost our immune system, help with cardiovascular disease, eye disease, prenatal health, skin appearance including wrinkles. Most studies report using at least 500mg a day to achieve results, which is much higher than RDA recommendation of 75-90mg so supplements are a good idea, unless you can eat lots of kiwis a day plus veggies etc.


The amount of fiber in a kiwi is almost as much as in 3 celery sticks. Fiber is extremely important for so many reasons but is key for the digestive system to function properly.

The American Heart Association says their studies show foods that have a lot of fiber are clearly associated with lower risk of heart disease. Diets with high fiber are associated positively with better cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar in diabetics, lower blood pressure, lower obesity rates.

Vitamin E

As much vitamin E as in 3 apples. The major benefits of vitamin E are for building strong immunity, healthy looking skin and eye health. Many people take vitamin E supplements for antioxidants, which protect cells from damage.


A kiwifruit has almost as much potassium as a large mango. Potassium is the most important mineral for keeping your heart beating. It is believed that it helps keep cholesterol low as well.


A kiwifruit has the same amount of folate as found in 4 peaches. Folate is the most important nutrient for producing and maintaining new cells. This makes it especially important during pregnancy and for babies. It’s important for adults as well because it’s necessary for normal blood cell production as well.


More important kiwifruit facts…

There are still more vitamins and minerals found in the kiwi but also of great importance is it’s strength as a prebiotic food source. Because of the amounts of not only fiber, but enzymes and phenolic compounds many supplement manufacturers have chosen the kiwifruit as their food source,

Supplementation is is a good idea especially for getting all of the kiwifruits health benefits considering many of the nutrients are found in the skin. The skin is perfecrly fine to eat, just as long as the fruit you buy is organic, otherwise you would be ingesting too many pesticides.


Our Recommendation To Help You Get all Of The Kiwifruit Nutrition And Benefits:

After reviewing all about the kiwifruit nutrition and benefits we found that much of this fresh fruit has a limited shelf life and isn’t always fresh. Also another problem is to get all the health benefits you must eat the tough and tangy skin as well.

A perfect solution is taking MX Kiwi Biotic, a high quality prebiotic digestive supplement made 100% from kiwifruit, nothing else. Taking one natural vegetarian capsule a day is like eating 3 whole kiwifruits, skin included.

The kiwifruit’s wide range of nutrients will help you get a well balanced digestive system and aid with nutrient absorption resulting in a stronger immune system which will protect you better against disease.

Have a closer look at Kiwi Biotic and it’s incredible list of health benefits it provides and why it’s better than simple kiwifruit powders or even eating the real fruit.




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