Kiwifruit Benefits Can Help Women In Many Ways

Kiwifruit Benefits Can Help Women In Many Ways

The overall nutritional advantages of eating kiwifruit are many and quite extraordinary for everyone of all ages, but there are some key benefits that have a special focus on women. One is regarding looks and more specifically facial beauty, the other is digestive health and specifically for women that are pregnant or about to become pregnant.

Kiwifruit benefits for the skin

The kiwifruit contains more vitamins and minerals than most other fruits, but because of it’s high contents of vitamin C, E and the mineral potassium, makes it excellent for skin care as well. The 2 vitamins and mineral just mentioned are used by just about every skin care products in the market.

They have active ingredients that can help produce more cells in your body, meaning healthier looking skin. The ability to produce more collagen, which equates to younger looking skin. The UV fighting antioxidants help protect against skin damage and skin cancer.

A less known substance that is found in the kiwifruit’s center, contained in those small dark seeds is omega 3 fatty acids. These help prevent acne, tighten up the skin and have ant-aging properties as well.

Kiwifruit benefits for pregnancy

Doctors will recommend a women increase her folic acid intake as early as 4 months before getting pregnant. That’s because folate is responsible for producing and maintaining new body cells. Women in their child bearing years are recommended to take as much as twice the amount of folic acid.

Deficiencies in folic acid are one of the things sometimes responsible for spina bifida, which is when a baby is born with a deformed or incomplete spinal cord.

Diarrhea and constipation

The changing hormone levels can cause diarrhea during pregnancy. As well, constipation can result during pregnancy when your digestive system slows right down. These are both conditions that can be helped or even prevented with adding more prebiotics to your diet, and since the kiwi is a perfect prebiotic food, it’s a great choice.

A large kiwi contains 3.2 g of fiber, of which 2.8 is prebiotic soluble fiber, and 0.8 is insoluble fiber, better known as “roughage”. This is a good combination of fiber for digestive health because of the way it affects your colon. Roughage will sweep up wastes and help form stools easier and soluble fiber has the power to ferment once in the colon where it not only feeds the good probiotic bacteria there, but will also inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria called pathogens.

This process not only helps keep you regular, but has been linked in preventing colon cancer by stopping the pathogens from clinging to the intestinal wall where they can form cells. It’s these cells that can grow to become polyps, and these polyps are the precursors for colon cancer.

An exciting new supplement made from kiwifruit

It’s not surprising many companies use the kiwifruit as a source for kiwi powders because of it’s extremely high nutrient content. Unlike all other kiwifruit products though, MX Kiwi Biotic maintains all of the fruit’s nutrients due to the water-only extraction system used in the manufacturing process. Others use a high heating process which destroys many of the enzymes, which are vital for proper digestion.

Learn more about this truly amazing prebiotic supplement that can not only benefit your skin, but your digestive tract too. Check out for the full story.



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