Kiwifruit Benefits For Children

Kiwifruit Benefits For Children

If you’re one of many parents that have been hearing that kiwifruit benefits children, then there are a couple things you should know. A kiwi happens to be very healthy, actually it’s the most nutrient-dense of all fruits and only contains 30-40 calories.

To get all of this amazing fruit’s benefits the question is, do children need to eat kiwifruit on a daily basis? According to many sources and studies, kiwis have the capability to prevent heart cancer, arthritis, colon cancer, and many other diseases and cancers but all tests were done with the subjects eating at least several kiwifruit a day.

Since kiwis are high in fiber, they can actually lower cholesterol levels and also prevent cardiovascular disease. High fiber fruits are commonly recommended for people with diabetes, as they have the capability to also reduce blood sugar. However, children without diabetes should also consume kiwis, as they are excellent for the prevention of many potential disorders.

Studies have shown that children between the ages of 6-9 that had kiwis in their diets were actually less prone to respiratory problems. Children with asthma also had less wheezing episodes when they consumed kiwis.

How else can kiwifruit benefit children?

One of the main reasons why kiwis can benefit your child’s health is because they contain good amounts of important dietary fibers, magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, and copper. A daily dose of all these important vitamins and mineral will go a long way to ensure your child’s good health.

Kiwifruit are not only a kid’s fruit, they also supply adults with as many of these health benefits as well. The kiwifruit has been used to treat heart disease and can also protect from blood clots since it acts as a powerful natural blood thinner. Many people take aspirin daily to accomplish what eating a kiwifruit can do.

Even more kiwifruit health benefits for children and adults:

Eye health Рprevention of macular degeneration (loss of vision) has been linked to  the lutein, which works by accumulating in the retina of the eye. Lutein is an important phytochemical which is found in kiwifruit.

Cancer Fighter – It has been shown that kiwifruit can protect us from dangerous amounts of oxidization which can damage our DNA, which can lead to cancer. Also it’s high levels of antioxidants can stimulate the repair of DNA cells.

Folate – Folate is in the B vitamin group and is the most important nutrient for producing and maintaining new cells. This makes it especially important during pregnancy, for babies, and children.


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