Kiwifruit Benefits Constipation

Kiwifruit Benefits Constipation

As nutritional and beneficial as it is to our digestive system and overall health, the kiwifruit benefits constipation  particularly well.

It’s interesting to note that in just one large kiwi, which really isn’t a large fruit at all, the total amount of dietary fiber is a whopping 3.2 grams.

This is broken down into the two main types of fiber this way:

2.4 g soluble fiber
0.8 g insoluble fiber

The insoluble fiber helps to collect the proper waste so an appropriately formed stool can be made and gotten rid of in the best possible amount of time.

The soluble fiber supports all our beneficial bacteria in the colon where it makes sure things are running as smoothly as can be.

It’s not surprising that in clinical tests done all over the world that most people received positive benefits when eating a few of these kiwifruits on a daily basis for several weeks. The dietary fiber alone makes this fruit invaluable for relieving constipation alone, but there is much more to it which will be discussed later.

Is it a magical ingredient in kiwifruit?

Since kiwifruit benefits constipation so well, some people think it must have some weird, unheard of nutrient or mineral or something. Not at all. It’s as simple as getting the right amount and type of the necessary dietary fibers. Maybe the kiwi is the perfect food for this because of the way the two fibers are split up as shown above. We’ve all heard it for years; eat more fiber to keep yourself regular.

Here’s the problem most of us have

Many people live primarily on a high processed food diet. Think about the foods you buy weekly at the supermarket. Almost all of them have either too much unhealthy animal fat or refined sugar. What many folks don’t realize is just because you don’t use white table sugar in their coffee it doesn’t mean you’ve gotten off the stuff, far from it.

You’d have a tough time finding a bread that doesn’t have sugar in it, a tomato sauce, a can food of any kind. Did you know that before a cow is butchered it is feed sugar to make the meat taste and look different? So as well as chemicals and hormones most of our meat has sugar, included with the delivery!

Fiber beats constipation

A popular cereal is All Bran because it is made from bran, arguably the best insoluble fiber or “roughage”we can buy in such a product. Next time you have thew chance look at the list of ingredients and you’ll see sugar somewhere in the top 3 of the list. The problem with consuming so much sugar is that it wrecks havoc on our digestive system by putting it out of balance. This negates the positive effects that the nutrients, fiber etc would have given us.


Recommended all-natural product for constipation

It’s important to know that kiwifruit benefits constipation because even if you did nothing to change your low nutrient diet in the form of processed bought foods, you can at least get the fiber your system needs and that alone can improve your digestive health.

The recommended product is MX Kiwi Biotic which is special because it is made from kiwifruit. But more importantly, the entire fruit, including the skin. This is where other kiwi freeze-dried powders you might see on the market fail, many important nutrients, including dietary fibers are in the skin.

Another big advantage of the kiwifruit is it’s digestive enzymes. These are commonly low in those who eat a poor diet and enzymes are extremely important for proper digestion. Enzyme deficiency is a common cause for constipation as well as a number of other disorders.

So now that you know how well kiwifruit benefits constipation, what are you waiting for? Have a look at the impressive list of benefits available just by taking one Kiwi Biotic a day. Remember, if an apple a day can keep the doctor away, imagine what 3 kiwifruits a day can do!


To your natural health