Kiwifruit Health Benefits

Kiwi Fruit Benefits Are Many and the List Keeps Growing

kiwifruit health benefitsKiwi fruit benefits have been written about in various media publications and maybe that’s why you’ve started doing a bit more research and ended up here.

Without knowing exactly what you’ve heard so far, kiwifruit health benefits aren’t being touted  for no reason at all, that you can be sure of. There are many ongoing studies involving this relatively new fruit in western society with some exciting new discoveries.

What you should know

Unlike most other fruits, the kiwifruit is loaded with a wide variety of nutrients and not just high in one or two as is true with most other popular fruits. It almost doubles the orange in vitamin C and the banana in potassium content but that’s only scratching the surface.

The kiwifruit has several components, phytochemicals and other nutrients that have been linked to helping in the prevention of several types of cancer such as prostate, lung, colon, and skin cancers. But what we’ll be talking about here is some of the other kiwi fruit benefits.

Stress reduction

As most of us have heard about the compound serotonin and it’s ability to give most of us a calming effect. The kiwi contains a fairly high level of serotonin.

Impotence helper

There is an amino acid in the kiwifruit called Arginie, which is a well known vasodilator used to treat men suffering from impotence.

Athletic advantages

Due to the wide range of minerals, which are essential for replacing the lost electrolytes during physical activity, makes the kiwifruit an excellent choice as a pre-workout supplement.

Asthma relief

In a European test involving young school children, it was shown that those who consumed 5 to 7 servings of citrus fruits and kiwifruits showed considerably less wheezing, shortness of breathe, and coughing.

Heart Health

A report from the University of Norway claims that if you eat 2 to 3 kiwifruit per day it can improve your heart by thinning your blood, reducing clotting, and lowering the amount of fat in your blood.

Not to bad for a plain looking, brown, hairy little fruit not much bigger than an egg. New findings are being reported, especially now with a large focus on how prebiotics are helping improve our digestive tract, especially in the colon. Some say that the kiwifruit, because it’s so nutrient-dense, is the perfect prebiotic food… stay tuned, more good news on the way!

The kiwifruit, one of the few who can really be called a “superfood” is now a 100% natural digestive supplement loaded with all it’s prebiotic nutrients – fiber, enzymes, and phenolic compoundsKiwi Biotic grown and made in New Zealand by Maxalife, a natural supplement company.

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