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This Is The Real Deal! – MX Kiwi Biotic

MX Kiwi Biotic is a newer product from Maxalife Products, who we found to be one of the more respectable manufacturers of all-natural supplements in the market today. From New Zealand, they are a family operation and have good ethics in business and for the environment.

MX Kiwi Biotic is a much needed product in our world today, with so many people suffering from numerous digestive problems. Many of us lack many of the nutrients we should be getting from the food we eat, but because of our highly processed western diet that’s not always possible.

Why MX Kiwi Biotic is so special and unique

Unlike prebiotic supplements that are made only with fiber derivatives, MX Kiwi Biotic is made from kiwifruit. This is unique because when the skin is included in the extraction process, as is with this product, not only does it have soluble and insoluble dietary fibers, but also the much needed digestive enzymes, and the antioxidant-rich phenolic compounds, which besides fighting dangerous cancer cells, have the ability to inhibit the growth of the bad, non-probiotic bacteria.

Since all the kiwifruit nutrients are included in their unique extraction process, it retains  all the vitamins and minerals contained in the kiwi, which is the most nutrient-dense fruit there is. Read our article here to learn more about the benefits of kiwifruit. Eating one is really like taking mother nature’s own multi-vitamin.

There has been a big interest in prebiotics in the scientific research community because they recognize that what happens in our intestines, good or bad, has major consequences for our health. More and more good evidence is showing how prebiotic substances may have the ability to:

  • balance blood sugar and
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • help control our weight easier
  • speed up waste transit time
  • help inflammatory bowel disease symptoms
  • stop dangerous bacteria from forming cells on the intestinal wall which could otherwise eventually form polyps, the precursor to colon cancer

Many people also turn to digestive enzyme supplements in hopes of improving digestion due to an enzyme deficiency, this seems like the logical thing to do but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Synthetic enzymes taken as supplements don’t work the same way as ones from real food, here’s why:

Pepsin is one of the main active enzymes in your stomach that breaks down proteins, and since the digestive enzyme supplements you take are made out of proteins (as most enzymes are of course), they get eaten up by the pepsin enzymes before they can move on and do anything for you.

As we learn more from the ongoing studies, you can bet there will be more and more prebiotic supplements available and packaged foods with prebiotics added, keep in mind these will most likely be in small doses, this is where a full strength and dedicated prebiotic supplement such as Digestion-K can help.

“… I would eat avocados and within minutes would have bad flatulence to the point of not being able to stand my own smell.Well MX Kiwi Biotic has changed all this and more. No more acid, stomach bloats, stomach pains, irregular movements and my appetite is less.PS. Got my father-in-law taking them now. He had a Colonoscopy as he thought he had cancer, his system was that upset. No more! Samual M, NZ  September 1, 2011


 Why I Personally Chose This Product

After researching just about everything available on the market, I decided that that a kiwifruit product from New Zealand was the best one available and here’s why;

1. It’s made using the entire kiwifruit, including the skin. This may not sound important but it’s in the skin that many of the important nutrients such as fiber and phenolic compounds are contained.

2. Other manufacturers don’t include the skin and also extract the nutrients using a high heat process which destroys many of the fruit’s enzymes. These are 2 important reasons why most products are inferior.

3. This product, produced by a company called Maxalife, are one of the few who take the word “natural” seriously. Even the capsules used are made with vegetarian sources and not the old school gelatin, which is still used by most. Gelatin is made from animal-by products such as hoofs, ears, cartilage, and bones, which is great for the animal processing industry but not for us.

4. Other prebiotic supplements are either cut from synthetic fiber compounds made by pharmaceutical companies and don’t include anything much more than fiber.

5. We need prebioic supplements to have a real affect on our digestive imbalances or else they just won’t give us the benefits we need. As important as fiber is, the truth is there are four key components that play an important role in fixing digestive imbalances, all of which are in MX Kiwi Biotic:

Prebiotics – unlike probiotics, prebiotics are gotten from natural foods such as unrefined grains, certain fruits and vegetables. They are the nutrients that feed our good bacteria (probiotics) which give us good digestive health. Scientific research has shown them to be associated with improving mineral absorption, increased immune performance, reduction in allergies, and better heart health.

Soluble Fiber – this type of fiber is the main reason why prebiotics are so effective for the colon and increasing digestive health in general. Most of us won’t ever get enough because of our poor high processed food diets. MX Kiwi Biotic boasts soluble and insoluble fiber and has more of it than psyllium husk or fiber supplements.

Digestive Enzymes – enzymes are all-important for breaking down the food we eat. A deficiency in them can cause many digestive problems. Kiwifruit contains an enzyme called actinidin, which acts the same way the pepsin enzyme does in the stomach for breaking down food. Normal high heat processing methods kill off almost all enzymes, which is why it’s not used in making MX Kiwi Biotic.

Phenolic Compounds – mostly found in the skin of a few fruits, these have been shown to stop production of dangerous bacteria and at the same time promote the growth of good bacteria in our intestines. Phenols also contain powerful antioxidants that protect our body from many dangerous pathogens and the process of pre-mature aging such as wrinkling of the skin and early blindness.

Eating kiwifruit everyday

When I first discovered the wide range of kiwifruit benefits, I started eating them all the time, even the skin when I was able to get organic ones. Then I found that taking one capsule of MX Kiwi Biotic is equal to eating around 3 kiwifruit a day. This is why it’s such a potent prebiotic supplement.

Big diseases, big claims

One of the most exciting and important claims being made by scientific research involving the many health benefits of prebiotics is in their possible link in helping to prevent colon cancer. As the health professionals tell us; colon cancer is by far the easiest to prevent simply through diet.

As this type of cancer climbs it’s way from the number 2 killer to the number one killer in the US, it’s exciting news to anyone concerned about their health that such a potent product is now available. All-natural too!

Even if you you’ve stumbled across something you think may be better, you should at least read the information on the MaxaLife website because it will educate you further so you can make a better informed decision.


To your health!