Kefir Is Great For Digestive Health

Kefir Is Great For Digestive Health

Kefir is not something I grew up with, as I know most people living in America didn’t either. Although it has become popular, it is a very ancient drink. Fermentation after all, is our earliest way of being able to store food without it going bad.

Some people aren’t found of the way kefir tastes, but I loved it immediately. We now make our own at home since it’s very expensive, much more than yogurt. Having it on hand is great and we often blend frozen blueberries into it for a very potent kefir digestive health drink. Kefir, after all means “feel good” and it does make your tummy feel very good.

Kefir digestive health benefits

Kefir is a perfect probiotic drink for repopulating your gut flora, or good bacteria. Much more so than even yogurt, this is perhaps why it has become very popular now.

Adding to your good bacteria (probiotics) is the single most important thing you can do to increase your digestive health, and more specifically, your intestinal health. This is where all diseases get there start and whatever happens in the gut has major consequences to your overall health.

Most of our intestinal or gut bacteria resides in the large intestine (colon). This is where things can greatly improve or go very bad, if your colon remains clogged, slow and sluggish for long periods of time, many digestive disorders, and even disease such as colon cancer can develop.

Medical experts say that colon cancer, the number 2 killer, is one type of cancer we can prevent by diet alone. So start getting all those good things into you!

Probiotics need prebiotics

Kefir is a great source of probiotics which we need for good digestive health, they’re actually the most important thing for a heathy gut. But this type of good bacteria is not able to procreate on it’s own, so no matter how much kefir or yogurt you eat it’s not going to do it. They need to be feed specific nutrients, those that come from prebiotic fiber.

This leads us to introduce the best prebiotic fiber digestive supplement we have come across… MX Kiwi Biotic

Kiwi Biotic is an all-natural prebiotc supplement, providing the type of fiber probiotics thrive on to make them grow, giving you a better balanced digestive system, meaning better overall health for you and your family.

We all lack quality dietary fiber and digestive enzymes due to our unhealthy and highly processed American diet. Kiwi Biotic provides you with the perfect supplementation you need that you aren’t getting from your low-nutrient food.

 Take Kiwi Biotic along with kefir for digestive health and be amazed.