How You Can Start Improving Digestion

How You Can Start Improving Digestion

Considering how nutrient deficient most of our commercially packaged, highly processed food is, it’s not surprising that most of us have a digestive disorder or two. Certain foods and their allergies to individuals can cause many problems but improving digestion can start when we add those missing nutrients to our system.

Due to the poor quality and low nutritional content of our processed food, many of the much needed nutrients our body needs for proper digestion are simply not there, and it’s these deficiencies that can cause all sorts of digestion problems, which can lead to more serious disorders, illness and disease.

Did you know?…. all disease starts in the intestinal tract.

What are the missing nutrients we need for improving digestion?

Fiber – Dietary fiber which is plentiful in natural and unrefined foods like grains, beans, fruits and vegetables is essential for keeping the colon clean and working efficiently to properly and quickly get rid of our waste matter in the form of stools.

Sounds simple right? It is simple if we get plenty of fiber in our food, but the problem with most of of processed food is that the fiber is stripped out of it during the manufacturing process. White flour for example contains no real dietary fiber because the quality grains which contain the fiber are stripped out to make this type of flour, which is used to make a lot of the food we eat. To make it worse, whiter flour can actually clog up our digestive system and cause weight gain.

Enzymes – Digestive enzymes are also essential for good digestion because they are needed to properly break down the food we eat so our body can get the nutrients needed for fuel and it’s building process. If most of the food we eat lacks these enzymes then our system can’t possible be digesting properly.

Our body’s have certain enzymes already but more is needed from the food we eat so we don’t deplete our natural supply. Enzymes found naturally in food are destroyed when food is processed because the high heating process kills them. When one’s diet consists of a lot of processed food, enzyme deficiency is common.

2 important tips to start improving digestion

1 – Eliminate as much processed foods from your diet as possible. Mike daily changes such as regular pasta to whole wheat pasta, white rice to brown rice. The dark versions of these grains will add much more fiber instantly and you may feel a difference in your digestion almost immediately.

2 – Add a quality supplement. While you’re changing your eating over to a more quality and natural food diet, using a natural supplement can speed up this process and help to fill any nutritional gaps you may have from the foods you’re eating… or not eating.

One natural supplement containing both fiber and enzymes for improving digestion?

You bet. MX Kiwi Biotic is sourced from the New Zealand kiwifruit which contains plenty of fiber enzymes and more… it has more vitamins and minerals than any other fruit.

Phenolic compounds – phenols are abundant in the kiwifruit and therefor also in the product – Kiwi Biotic. These contain natural antioxidants which help our biddy to fight of dangerous bacteria and disease.

So what are you waiting for? Start improving digestion today with MX Kiwi Biotic, a powerful prebiotic supplement which contains 2 of the most important nutrients for good digestive health; fiber and enzymes.