How To Restore Digestive Health

How To Restore Digestive Health

After many years of what most of us in North America depend on as a daily diet which consists of many processed foods loaded with chemicals, toxins, growth hormones, trans fats, sugars and other unhealthy additives, it’s not surprising most of us suffer from some digestive problems.

You can’t expect the human body to go on for too long being fed a diet of poor quality food that is lacking in the essential nutrients it needs to maintain proper health. Anyone who includes a lot of refined and processed food daily (which is just about everybody), is sure to have some deficiencies in essential nutrients.

We’re not just talking about lacking in a few vitamins, but things like digestive enzymes and dietary fiber which the body cannot function properly without, and after a time disorders, illnesses, and eventually disease will manifest.

All disease has it’s beginnings in the digestive system

Inside the intestinal tract to be exact. Colon cancer is said to be completely preventable if we eat a quality and proper diet, but most don’t.

Eliminate to restore digestive health

Knowing all these facts is surely an incentive to restore your digestive health once again before things get really bad. It’s as important to eliminate some things from your diet as it is to add others. To ensure success, don’t try and change 100% overnight, but rather start with just a couple things at a time and add from there gradually and steady.

Sugar is a killer

Almost everything we eat has some type of sugar added. Keep in mind that sugar comes in many forms and goes by many names, not just the obvious white and brown table sugar. Fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltose, fructose and many others.

Sugar robs our body’s of essential minerals that are needed for proper digestion, among many other things. Even when you eat a quality, nutritious meal, eating sweets afterwards will negate much of the food’s benefits you would have had.

Refined grains

What are refined grains? Any grain that has gone through a refined process such as flour. White flour is the end product of whole grain wheat which is full of fiber and other quality nutrients all of which are destroyed during the process that turns it into white flour.

White flour contains no nutrients and only helps to clog our system and add extra weight that’s hard to get rid of.

Trans fats

Much of our prepared packaged foods we buy at the supermarket has been cooked in unhealthy oils that contain trans fats. These aren’t simply unhealthy, they have been proven to cause strokes and heart attacks. Any trans fats have to be eliminated from our diets to restore digestive health.

Add more nutrients

As you eliminate the dangerous foods, start to add nutrient-rich ones such as unrefined grains, more raw vegetables and a variety of fruits. It’s these things that will get your health back.

Digestive supplements

The digestive supplement is a huge market, for good reason; so many of us suffer digestive problems due to our low-nutrient diets as discussed. Some people, even knowing what has to be eliminated and what needs to be eaten, still have a hard time to either find the proper organic foods or simply can’t bring themselves to make the necessary changes.

You can still at least supplement your diet with many of the needed nutrients with a quality supplement. Our recent discover comes from New Zealand. MX Kiwi Biotic is made entirely with kiwifruit, the most nutrient-dense fruit there is.

Kiwi Biotic supplies you with:

Fiber – dietary fiber, which many of us lack from our refined foods. Although most of us only get around  10-12 grams, 20-30 grams is what;s recommended.

Enzymes – digestive enzymes are essential for your body to properly break down food so it can absorb as many nutrients from it as possible.

Polyphenols – phenols are found in the skin of certain fruits and especially in kiwifruit. They contain antioxidants which protect us from harmful bacteria and improve therefor improve intestinal health.

Vitamins – since the kiwifruit contains good amounts of several vitamins, taking Kiwi Biotic is like taking a multi-vitamin.

Minerals – sugar and junk food in general deplete some of our body’s minerals which force it to use it’s stored minerals, making it that much harder on certain organs and in the absorption of nutrients.

MX Kiwi Biotic can be called a prebiotic supplement and an enzyme supplement. It’s a digestive supplement that does what several other supplements attempt to do.

So, still wondering how you are going to restore your digestive health? Now you know how to get it started