How To Help Digestion

How To Help Digestion

Our digestive tract is a very long muscular tube in which food passes through to be broken down and processed into valuable nutrients needed by our body such as glucose, amino acids, fatty acids etc. Most of us make this process much harder than it has to be so knowing how to help digestion can instantly improve our health because whatever happens in the intestines has major consequences to our overall health.

We turn to drugs and over the counter aids to deal with digestive disorders when it’s already to late. Most of the symptoms we face are the result of months and years of continuously feeding our body a diet that is far too low in real quality nutrients.

The truth is, even if we eat a fairly nutritious diet, the continued ingestion of refined sugars will ruin much of the potential positive affect of the good food we ate.

Too much sugar? But I don’t use sugar in my coffee!

I stopped using white table sugar in my coffee over thirty years ago but that doesn’t mean by doing that I stopped ingesting sugar, far from it. Unfortunately refined sugar is in practically everything we buy; bread, yogurt, cereals, ketchup, canned sauces and fruits, canned salmon. They even feed sugar to cows before slaughter to make the meat taste better. It’s very difficult to get away from it.

How to Help Digestion: cut way back or eliminate sugar

Refined sugar destroys the mineral balance in our body which is extremely important for it to carry out many functions. Enzymes depend on minerals and proper digestion depends on enzymes and and vitamins need minerals an so on it goes.

More Ways to Help Digestion

A digestive system can be slow or fast according to what types of food are inside it being digested. For example, many people have a very hard time digesting red meat, many types of dairy products and even tofu. Eliminating or at least cutting back on these will help. Don’t forget, the longer your food stays undigested, the greater your chances of developing a digestive disorder.

The more processed foods are the harder they are to digest, alternatively, the more whole, and natural foods are, the easier they are to digest. It’s all very common sense. Which do you think will be easier for your system to digest, an apple or a Twinkie?

Can Digestive Aids Help?

When we talk about digestive aids, it’s usually of the digestive enzyme variety. Unfortunately these don’t work as most people think. The problem is that the natural digestive enzyme in the stomach called pepsin will eat the enzyme supplements you take right in the stomach before they can continue along the rest of the digestive tract to be of any use.

A Good Solution

The more wholesome, natural foods you eat, the more you will help your digestion. The more you depend on a highly processed food diet, the more sluggish your system will be. This is especially true in the colon. A sluggish colon can cause several disorders and even colon cancer, which is brought on by polyps. These polyps grow on the intestinal wall and are formed by bad bacteria that thrives on refined sugars and other unhealthy fats that we get from our typical highly processed foods.

Promote Growth of Good Gut Bacteria

It’s the good bacteria that we need to keep supporting because if we don’t then the bad bacteria can thrive and cause these many problems. The way to support good bacteria is by ensuring you’re getting plenty of prebiotics.

What are Prebiotis and How do They Help?

Prebiotics are found in many natural foods we can eat like raw vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. Prebiotic soluble fibers will ferment in the colon. It’s this fermentation that feeds the good bacteria. The more this happens with the food we eat the better your digestion system will work.

That’s the reason we promote Kiwi Biotic, it’s the only all-natural prebiotic digestive supplement that can do this and more to help our digestive system.



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