Our Gut Health and How It Has Deteriorated In The Last 60 Years

Our Gut Health and How It Has Deteriorated In The Last 60 Years

In the 1930’s and 40’s it wasn’t so common to see obese people in the United States, even over weight and fat people were under 10% of the population. Today it’s over 80%. How could this be with our modern technology, so much dieting information, programs, and great fitness equipment?

A much more sedentary lifestyle certainly has added to this problem but the major blame why our gut health has deteriorated over the last 60 years or so must go to FOOD.

Although we are eating more food because it is so conveniently available all the time, it’s the type of food we eat rather than the amount that is destroying our digestive health. In Europe, where the obesity epidemic is not like it is in America, they eat just as much, if not more food.

Processed foods and their additives

Our technology has given us many things, even in the food industry, but unfortunately it’s not the kind of things we consumers are benefiting from, it’s the food companies that are selling us these foods that benefit. Inexpensive and very unhealthy processing methods, particularly concerning the abundant use of hydrogenated oils. It’s these oils that give us trans fats.

Dangerous trans fats

It was proven many years ago that these fats were hardening our arteries causing increased risks for strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. Trans fats clog our liver and colon, which bring about many other digestive disorders and disease, some that didn’t exist 60 years ago.

 Start to improve your gut health today!

You can’t enjoy a healthy digestive system if your colon and liver are clogged and running slow. Taking medications for digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux and such will only add to the already too many chemicals you are ingesting.

Start replacing highly processed foods with natural ones. A digestive health diet can easily and cheaply be achieved by adding more fruits and vegetables as a start.

The next step is to look at some of your everyday staple foods. Carbohydrates or grains should be of the unprocessed variety. White breads and rice are processed and therefor not only add unhealthy substances to your system, but these have their original nutrients such as enzymes and fiber processed out of them.

See, you can be eating a normal amount of food but if it’s processed, it’s low-nutrient food. In this way, you need to be buying vitamin and other supplements because you’re not getting them from your food. Even worse, if you don’t add additional supplementation your health will deteriorate because of a nutrient deficiency.


Digestive health is all about the bacteria in your gut, the good and the bad. Learn how prebiotics have been proven to work in the colon to nourish the good bacteria there and at the same time destroy dangerous, disease-causing bacteria.