Gold Kiwifruit Benefits

Gold Kiwifruit Benefits

A kiwi is a flight-less bird found in New Zealand but it’s also a short way most of us refer to one of it’s other national treasures, the kiwifruit. The kiwfruit’s origin is not in New Zealand but China, where it was exported from and grown in New Zealand where it’s now the largest horticulture export. There are over 40 varieties of kiwi and many grow wild in northern China.


Differences Between Green and Gold Kiwifruit

The most widely marketed is the green, known as the Hayward. The gold kiwifruit is a hybrid made from a female plant from China joined with a male plant from New Zealand. The gold kiwifruit is shaped slightly different than the more familiar green, shaped like a teardrop and the skin is smooth unlike the fuzzy skin of the green.

The gold is sweeter tasting, the green is slightly tart. The gold kiwi contains slightly more nutritional benefits than the green but not a huge difference as you can see a few numbers below:

Here the comparisons between the green and gold kiwifruits in vitamin and mineral content of each type, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database :

Both the green and the gold kiwi fruit contain good amounts of vitamin C, potassium and magnesium.

In a 1-cup serving:
vitamin C – green contains 166 mg – gold has 196 mg
potassium – green contains 562 mg – gold has 588 mg
magnesium – green contains 31 mg – gold has 26 mg

Nutritional Facts

The kiwifruit, both gold and green, are among the most nutrient-dense of all fruits. Not only is it a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral food but also has:

Soluble fiber, which helps maintain a healthy digestive tract.
Lots of enzymes which break down our food to make it usable by our bodies as energy.
Phenolic compounds are also in the kiwi and these help keep down bad bacteria while allowing the good kind to grow.

These nutrients are the big reason kiwifruit is widely known and used for making prebiotic supplements which are essential in supporting probiotics which can help keep our digestive health , including the immune system in tip top shape.

Kiwifruit Benefits


According to the Rowett Research Institute in the United Kingdom, eating kiwifruit on a daily basis almost doubles the repair rate of your DNA. This is the kind of genetic damage that can be responsible for cancer.

Heart Health

The University of Oslo in Norway has reported that if you eat 2 or 3 kiwifruit a day, you will improve your heart health: thins your blood and reduces blood clotting. Also lowers the triglyceride (fat) levels in your blood by an average of %15.


After a study in Italy it was discovered that children eating 5 to 7 servings of kiwifruit and other citrus fruits per week reported a significant decrease in coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.


The high dosage of vitamin C contained in a kiwi has the ability to keep skin firm and supple by maintaining it’s collagen levels. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant giving it antibacterial qualities that help brighten and cleanse your skin. Vitamin E, also found in the kiwis is known for healing and reducing scars. It’s antioxidant qualities make it a fighter against pre-mature wrinkling which is caused from oxidization.


Of the numerous companies making prebiotic supplements, many have chosen the kiwifruit as the food of choice. It has nutrients that make it a potent prebiotic; the foods that feed and support the probiotic microbes in your digestive system. These microbes, also known as bacteria, are devided into good and bad and both exist in your gut.

To maintain good health there must be many more of the good bacteria than bad. What prebiotics do is feed the good bacteria and make them grow, giving them the fighting advantage they need

Whether you get green or gold kiwifruit benefits, you can be sure you’ll be eating one of the most nutrient-perfect foods on earth.

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