Digestive Support

Digestive Support

There is a big interest in prebiotics these days from the nutrition science community and it’s not anything to do with a passing fad, it’s real and legitimate excitement because they recognize that whatever happens in our intestines is not only responsible for healthy digestive support, but will have a major impact in our overall health as well.

The balance of bacteria living in our intestinal tract is the key for good health. We have trillions of good and bad bacteria residing there and it will always be this way. Our job is to make sure the good bacteria always rule over the bad, purely by having strength in numbers.

Health professions say a good ratio is about 80 / 20 in favor of the good guys, but that number  is debatable, no matter, we can’t count them anyway! When we neglect our health through a poor diet over many years, things go wrong and the good bacteria starts to lose some of the battles and what we get in return is digestive problems.

Getting digestive support!

It’s mostly about adding the proper quality nutrients to give your system a chance in repopulating the good bacteria numbers. It’s also about reducing some of the substances that are helping the bad bacteria to thrive. Pathogens, as they are called, love to thrive on refined sugar and any sort of junk food they can take from you. The less processed foods you eat the more you starve the dangerous bacteria and the more you feed the healthy probiotic bacteria, simple as that.

Feed your probiotics with prebiotics

Unlike probiotics, which are microorganisms, or good bacteria living in our intestines, (also sometimes referred to supplements in foods such as yogurt), prebiotics are natural components found in certain foods we eat that feed and support the good bacteria. You can take as much probiotic supplements as you like, but since they’re not self-supporting, they won’t grow much without the necessary nutrients of prebiotics.

Where to get prebiotics for increased digestive support

Prebiotics are nutrients and components found in foods such as whole-grains, certain raw vegetables and fresh fruits, particularly the kiwifruit which is just about the most perfect prebiotic food source. The kiwifruit is the most nutrient-dense of fruits and is really mother nature’s own multivitamin, with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals unlike any other fruit.

But the kiwi goes beyond vitamins and minerals. It has the 4 key components for optimum digestive support;

  • prebiotics
  • digestive enzymes
  • phenolic compounds
  • dietary fiber

Learn the full story of the amazing benefits of the kiwifruit and why it’s a true superfood for digestive support.



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