Digestive Supplements

Digestive Supplements

When attempting to correct a digestive problem, many people go about it wrong.

They look for one specific product that’s made for relieving that one specific symptom. For heartburn, buy an acid reflux pill, for constipation buy a laxative. These products will relieve the symptom as often as it may occur but it doesn’t fix the root of the problem.

Enzyme deficiency is common

One of the most common digestive supplements folks buy are for enzymes. They are so important that we wouldn’t be anywhere without them. Life couldn’t go on without enzymes. Unfortunately due to our poor eating habits of mostly high processed foods, we can’t get enough of these into our stomach. Enzyme deficiency is very common and so are the purchases of enzyme supplements.

Instead of buying one product to relieve one problem, why not buy one product that can cover most all of them and prevent new ones from starting? You can get such a product, and it makes a lot of sense to do so. It needs to be a prebiotic supplement that contains all the important nutrients. It can do more for you than a one-trick-pony supplement. Here’s why:

You need a balance

A healthy, well-balanced digestive system needs many nutrients to function properly, not just fiber or enzymes. Yes, these are both very important but it’s all about balance and if you augment your enzyme intake alone, you’re putting something else out of balance.

Oftentimes doctors can’t help

This system is so complex that doctors don’t even have an accurate test to know how or why someone has irritable bowel syndrome. If your low nutrient diet has caused an enzyme deficiency, what other deficiencies has it caused?

This is how a true, high quality prebiotic supplement can cover much more than one symptom or problem. When talking about prebiotics though, many manufacturers are still making them with their focus only on dietary fiber. As important as fiber is, prebiotics are about more than just fiber and so using one of these you might be missing out on some potential benefits.

What the experts say

Health experts tell us all the time to eat more whole-grains, raw vegetables, and a variety of fresh fruits for better health. This is no new secret that’s just been let out. It’s no coincidence that most prebiotics come from foods in this group just mentioned; carbohydrates (grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds).

Fiber is good but we need more

These foods contain plenty of the needed fiber but also important nutrients such as enzymes and phenolic compounds. Enzymes we all know break down food so it can be used by the body.

Phenols contain a compound call antioxidants which not only support the beneficial bacteria and inhibit growth of pathogens but antioxidants act like our own natural antibiotics. They fight oxidization which otherwise can lead to pre-mature aging problems like early blindness and wrinkling of the skin. Oxidization can also kill DNA cells which can lead to cancer.

Experts also tell us that “colon cancer is preventable”

Of all the common digestive problems that can potentially hit us, one of the worst, if not the worst is colon cancer. They say it can be prevented because if we supply our body with what it needs to function properly the chance of getting it would be much, much lower.


Ready for the prebiotic benefits?

If you experience one or more digestive symptoms or even suffer from a more serious one, try and cure it naturally with the high quality prebiotic we discovered:


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