The Problem With Digestive Medicine

The Problem With Digestive Medicine

Why would anyone need digestive medicine? To treat digestive pain and disorders of course. The problem is, digestive medicine companies aren’t investing in medicines that can cure your disorders, symptoms and pain, they simply want to develop medicines that will provide you with temporary treatment and relief.

As wrong as this is for us, the needy customer, it makes perfect sense for them because they can sell you a heartburn medicine every month for as long as you keep getting heartburn. They certainly hope you never actually cure it because they would lose a customer.

Acid reflux is a common disease that includes heartburn, gas and upper chest pains. A common prescription for acid reflux are PPI drugs. These are proton pump inhibitors (PPI) and are a group of drugs that can reduce the acid in the stomach which can lessen and relieve reflux symptoms for a while.

Being pharmaceutical drugs, it’s common to have side effects, and these include headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, fatigue, and prolonged use can cause hypomagnesia, a condition that produces low magnesium in the blood. Magnesium is a vital mineral required for hundred’s of body functions and has such diverse benefits as detoxification, energy production, and forming healthy bones and teeth.

This is the problem with relying on drugs, to temporarily fix one problem, we can create others that may become even worse. It just doesn’t make sense but this is the system many people are in and find it difficult to get out of.

Focus on the cure, not temporary relief

Getting to the root cause of a disorder and curing it is what we all need to do rather than keep buying digestive aids for different symptoms. Think of different cultures and of our ancient ancestors. The diseases we face were mostly unheard of or are still not common in some populations.

There was a wester physician who did a study comparing the diets of an African tribe with a western diet. The typical westerner ate a low-fiber diet consisting of much processed foods instead of wholesome natural food. The rural African’s diet was mostly all natural and high fiber.

The typical westerner had anywhere from one bowel movement a day, to 2-3 a week. The African had between 6-7 a day! The importance of this is huge, and the simple fact of having enough or inefficient fiber alone can be linked to many of our modern western disorders and disease.

Another problem with digestive medicine is that much of it can cause problems in our system as well. Medication, especially long term medication produces dangerous toxins that harm our body and the accumulation of these can have many negative effects on our health.

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