Good Digestive Health Is Key For Successful Weight Loss

Good Digestive Health Is Key For Successful Weight Loss

Now that America is famous for having the fattest people on earth and obesity is considered a new disease, the weight loss industry is doing it’s best business ever. Leading the way for profits which are in the billions per year are the big pharmaceutical drug companies, which have yet to manufacture a drug that can successfully and safely help anyone loss weight long-term and keep it off. Amazing isn’t it?

The weight loss industry is in good shape for the future too because the biggest group now affected by obesity is children 12 and under. Thanks to a less active lifestyle, more visits to the fast food restaurants and more consumption of processed foods and sugar-based drinks.

Fifty or sixty years ago it was very rare to see obese adults let alone children, now over 80% of Americans are overweight. Many people are still ignorant when it comes to the dangers of being overweight for many years, here is just a short list of some common disorders that it can cause:

  • hypertension
  • coronary heart disease
  • stroke
  • diabetes
  • colon cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • breast cancer
  • gallbladder disease
  • osteoarthritis
  • sleep apnea
  • impaired fertility
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • and others

 Diet is the main cause

When we look back to the earlier part of the 20th century there just weren’t that many overweight people or as many disorders and diseases that we have today. It’s with the advent of fast foods and processed foods in general that we have gotten to this point today.

Virtually all processed foods contain hundreds of additives, toxins, chemicals, growth hormones trans fats and sugars. It’s all these man-made substances that are destroying our digestive health and making us fat.

Your 2 worst enemies that are destroying your digestive health and keeping you fat

Trans fats and sugars. These are the 2 killers that we have too much of in our modern processed food diet. Unhealthy trans fats are what we get from any food that is cooked with the dangerous hydrogenated oils. These have been proven to cause strokes and heart attacks and have been banned in most countries, but they are still allowed to be used in the United States by the FDA.

Sugar, which goes by many names, are added to virtually every packaged food product and beverage that we buy in the supermarket. Sugar is called the “silent killer” by some nutritionists because it robs the body of vitamins and minerals making it hard to get the nutrients from foods that your body needs for growth, protection and repair. Even ingesting a small amount will render your immune system defenseless for several minutes.

You’ll be overweight until processed foods are eliminated from your diet

To lose weight you need a healthy digestive system that can absorb important nutrients that enable the system to fight off disease and keep everything running as it should. Eliminate processed foods and introduce real foods to your diet to start experiencing big changes, not only in how you will look, but also how much better you’ll start to feel.

Quality, nutrient-rich foods are fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains that are unrefined and have not been processed, seeds, nuts, and legumes.

An important fact about meat

Getting protein from meat and poultry are ok but you must realize that unless beef is grass-fed only, you are ingesting growth hormones, antibiotics, and sugar when you eat beef (yes, they feed cows a lot of sugar just before slaughter for added taste).

Dietary fiber is the best place to start

Since most grains used in processed foods will lack most of their natural fibers, getting fiber in you body as soon as possible is extremely important if you haven’t bee eating very many natural foods.

As you start eating more natural foods this will improve your fiber intake.  Many people opt for a bran cereal which can be beneficial, as long as the cereal you choose doesn’t contain sugars, which most of them do so read the labels.

Highly recommended is a prebiotic supplement. Prebiotics are what you need to feed and support probiotics, or friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. This is what good intestinal health is all about. Scientists tell us that whatever happens in the intestines will play a major role in our overall health.

While most prebiotic supplements on the market are not all-natural and can include some unhealthy ingredients that can make some people  get more gas and bloated, Kiwi Biotic is all-naturally made, and is sourced entirely from the most nutrient-dense fruit known… the kiwifruit.


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