Improving Digestive Health Means Losing Weight

Improving Digestive Health Means Losing Weight

The reason most people are overweight is because their digestive health is in a terrible state. The main reasons are you have a clogged liver, a clogged colon, have candida yeast overgrowth, and are not getting the proper nutrients in sufficient amounts. The truth is, you could be, and should be eating more food but get thinner by doing so.

The problem is not that we eat too much food, the reason there are more obese and fat people in the United States than anywhere else in the world, is the kind of foods we eat. In a word; PROCESSED.

Just about every packaged food product you pick up from the supermarket has beed highly processed which means it has man-made additives and chemicals that have been used to make that food look a certain way, taste fresher and last longer.

What are these unhealthy substances?

They are many, but we can group them into 2 categories for our purpose here:

  1. sugars
  2. trans fats

Refined sugars

Sugar, in one form or another is used in virtually every packaged food. Read the labels. Man-made sugars can be corn syrup, malt dextrose, dextrose. Now some products use artificial sweeteners that can boast “no calories” making people think it’s healthy even if on a diet.

Although they contain zero calories does not mean they are healthy, quite the opposite because the chemicals used in these are helping to make you fat. Artificial sweeteners include; NutraSweet, Splenda, aspartame, succrolos and saccrine.

Sugar robs our body of minerals which are needed for proper absorption of nutrients. It also messes up the immune system, making it go down for several hours overtime we ingest even a little bit of sugar.

Trans fats

Trans fats come from hydrogenated oils that food manufacturers and restaurants use to prepare food. The unhealthy fats that ends up in our system from these highly processed industrial oils is causing health problems such as:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • cancers
  • heart attacks
  • strokes
  • high blood pressure
  • bad cholesterol levels

Trans fats make us fat! They harden the arteries which is hard on the heart, they clog our liver and colon which create a multitude of digestive disorders and disease.

End the madness!

We know that the food companies are here to stay. We have to make informed, individual decisions about getting rid of all the dangerous highly processed foods they sell. Slowly start to eliminate a processed food and replace it with a natural, unrefined food. A simple example of this is bread. White flour clogs our arteries and colon and makes us fat.

Any bread that is made with whole grain flour is a good source of fiber and will help clean up your system and increase metabolism and help make you thinner. The same goes for other common staples such as rice and pasta.

Our featured product is an all-natural prebiotics digestive supplement that contains;

  • prebiotics
  • digestive enzymes
  • dietary fibers
  • antioxidants

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