Can You Cure Hemorrhoids Through Better Digestive Health?

Can You Cure Hemorrhoids Through Better Digestive Health?

Can improving your digestive health cure hemorrhoids? The answer is a definite yes! Pregnancy not included, a major cause of hemorrhoids is constipation which comes from a very poor diet that is seriously low in dietary fiber.

As usual, our modern western doctors are more than happy to prescribe you with a drug or surgical procedure if your hemorrhoids are progressed and very painful, but what most doctors don’t get involved with is the prevention.

Drugs can’t cure hemorrhoids

There aren’t any drugs that can cure hemorrhoids, or anything else for that matter. Drugs can only treat the symptoms, so the best thing we can do is do the right things to prevent the disorder in the first place.

If you have a serious case of hemorrhoids, the medical treatments include sclerotherapy, this is an injection of chemicals directly into the hemorrhoids. There are potential side effects.

The most common and popular treatment is infrared coagulation. This involves an instrument being probed into the anus and emitting an infrared light which will scar the hemorrhoid reducing blood flow causing it to eventually die and fall off.

Natural cures for hemorrhoids

There are several things that can be applied for topical treatment that will help relieve the pain and itching and shrinking of hemorrhoids.

Calendula ointment – this can help reduce the pain and itching

Witch hazel – this helps with shrinkage

Also apply a mixture combination of aloe vera, olive oil, vitamin E, and zinc oxide. Drinking aloe vera juice a few time s a day can also help to clear your symptoms.

Ge the good diet going right away!

The most important thing to help is a modification in your diet. Raw and lightly steamed vegetables and especially dark green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits. These are good sources of fiber. Other very good sources include whole grains such as brown rice, and millet. If you are a meat eater choose organic meats and poultry because they don’t contain hormones and other unhealthy chemicals that regular meats do.

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