Digestive Health Foods To Eat

Digestive Health Foods To Eat

Today, in our modern western society it’s not just which foods to eat for good digestive health, but also which food to avoid. Starting an eliminating process is a good idea as you add healthier foods to your diet.

There is one group of foods that should be greatly reduced, and eventually totally eliminated from your diet, and that is commercially processed foods. These are just about any packaged foods from the supermarket. Anything on the shelf for long-term is loaded with additives, chemicals, and sugars. Many have the deadly trans fats which come from hydrogenated oils.


Hydrogenating an oil puts it through a chemical process which is a popular method used by food manufacturers due to it’s cheaper costs and it’s ability to give the food product a much longer-lasting shelf life. This is all very good for the food company but causes great health risks for anyone who eats these types of processed foods.

These unhealthy hydrogenated oils have been banned in many countries because their risks have been proven to cause cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and stroke. To make it seem like they really care, the FDA has given the food industry the right to advertise on their labels 0% trans fats as long as the product has 0.5%. This seems like a small and possibly insignificant amount, but really can be damaging to a person’s health when these foods are added up.

Foods to eat for better digestive health

Any foods that have not been highly processed  as mentioned above. The more natural the better. Whole unrefined grains. Grains are one of the healthiest foods we can eat, but not when they have been processed. White flour is a good example of this. Flour is made from grain but white flour is processed until virtually all the natural nutrients like minerals, vitamins, enzymes and dietary fibers are stripped right out of it.

Anything made with white flour has vey little nutritional value and clogs upper digestive system and should be avoided. Eliminating white flour from your diet will help you have a faster metabolism and can reduce some extra fat very quickly. So, replace white foods for their natural, unrefined versions such as brown rice, whole grain breads, whole wheat pasta etc.


This is the “silent killer” as many nutritionists call it. Man-made refined sugar goes into virtually all processed and packaged foods. Even things you might not realize. Take beef for instance. Besides being injected with growth hormones, before slaughter cows are fed large amounts of sugar, this is apparently done to improve the taste of the beef.

You can be consuming sugar even if the product doesn’t have the word “sugar” on the label because the food companies have several variations on sugar products and they go by many different names; dextrose, corn syrup, concentrated fruit juice, fructose and many others.

Eliminating as much refined sugar from your diet is one of the healthiest things you can do… read the labels!


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