Why Enzymes Are Necessary For Good Digestive Health

Why Digestive Health Enzymes Are Necessary For Proper Digestive Health

Sometime ago I read a medical science book which stated “without enzymes there could be no life”. Yes, that’s how important they are, and a deficiency in them could mean serious consequences to your health.

Getting enough digestive enzymes can help keep your entire digestive system running at the optimum level you need it to be at.

Unfortunately enzyme deficiencies are very common today, thanks to the poor quality diet most of us rely on, which is a cheap, high-calorie, low-nutrient proceeded food diet to be exact. Processed foods are often prepared using very high heat methods which will destroy most of a natural food’s enzymes.

A natural and obvious solution would be to take a digestive enzyme supplement, right? Wrong. Most enzyme supplements just don’t do what you expect them to do because since they are mostly made of protein, they get eaten up by the pepsin enzyme waiting in your stomach.

 Kiwifruit –  full of digestive health enzymes

Kiwifruit contains a wider variety of nutrients than any other fruit we know of, and one of those is an enzyme called actinidin. The special things about this enzyme is that it can easily break down even the toughest foods other enzymes need to work very hard at. Also, actinidin is not made from protein but is a protease enzyme which is like the pepsin enzyme in the stomach so it doesn’t get eaten up there like most of the others.

digestive supplementsThe kiwifruit has several other digestive health benefits along with being a good enzyme supplement. It supplies the body with:


1 – Multiple essential vitamins and minerals

2 – Dietary fibers which also help digestion

3 – Polyphenols which contain antioxidants that protects our immune system and against dangerous free radical cells that can became cancerous.


Now there is a digestive supplement that is made 100% from kiwifruit

This is the all-natural supplement we discovered that is pure, high quality and most versatile being a digestive supplement, prebiotic supplement, and enzyme supplement.

It’s Kiwi Biotic, extracted in New Zealand from their best kiwifruit harvested at the height of the season.

Kiwi Biotic is head and shoulders above other kiwifruit products because the entire fruit is used in a water-only extraction process. Others lose many enzymes during a high heat process and also discard the skin, which is where many of the kiwifruit’s nutrients are found.

So get enzymes, prebiotic fibers and much more for you and your families protection against digestive disorders and disease.

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