Digestive Health and Yeast Infections

Digestive Health and Yeast Infections

Yeast infections occur because of an abnormal and unhealthy overgrowth of yeast. This natural occurring yeast we all have in our body is called Candida albicans, and when this unhealthy overgrowth happens it is referred to as Candida or Candidiasis.

Men and women can have yeast in the skin and lower intestine, but women also have it in the vagina. When we are healthy, this natural yeast is harmless and kept under control by our immune system.

The good bacteria in our intestines can be disrupted by an increase of bad bacteria and can cause the Candida albicans to spread to other areas where it shouldn’t be. This new yeast overgrowth can mutate into a bad fungus capable of infecting our organs and body tissue.

What can cause yeast infections?

Drugs – Some common causes of yeast infection are things like over use of medications, sleeping pills, birth control pills, antibiotics and hormone replacement therapy to name a few.

Alcohol – Alcohol can create a perfect environment for unhealthy bacteria to thrive in because of it’s fermented and refined sugar content. Alcohol can also weaken the immune system which can increase the risk for a yeast infection.

Processed food – Diet can have a major contribution for candida because of all the unhealthy substances many of us consume within the standard high processed modern American diet. This is food that is highly processed and packaged. Lacking many necessary nutrients which ultimately cause deficiencies and disease.

Refined carbohydrates such as white flour breads and similar products, cheese, peanuts are foods which help to feed and spread the yeast infection. Non-organic pasteurized and homogenized milk and it’s products, mainly because of the lactose and antibiotics, help the overgrowth and spreading of yeast.

Candida albicans, as is true with most dangerous bacteria, thrive on an acidic environment that is brought on by a diet high in refined sugar and other unhealthy acid forming foods, and can’t live in an environment that is rich in oxygen, the opposite of a high acidic environment.

Increase your digestive health to stop yeast infections

If you think about our lifestyle and diet 50 years ago, there wasn’t the same dependency on antibiotic drugs, birth control and hormone replacement therapy as well as the high sugars and unhealthy processed fats and additives in our foods. Candida was also virtually nonexistent.

Building up your immune system through diet can help prevent yeast infections. This can be done by getting more quality nutrients with unprocessed food and quality supplements. Once you have cleared the yeast infection, staying on course with a quality, nutrient-rich diet you can keep unhealthy yeast overgrowth at bay and under control for good.

Increase your digestive health starting today!