Digestive Health and Lactose

Digestive Health and Lactose

When you think about it, it’s not really natural for human beings to drink animal milk throughout their lives if even at all. Even an animal’s young are weaned off of it after a short while so why do we do it?

The dairy industry is big, rich and powerful and will not be going away anytime soon no matter how unnatural their main product is for us to drink.

It’s more natural to be lactose intolerant than not to be

Being lactose intolerant is not a disease like some people think. It is more natural to be lactose intolerant because as humans, we lose the enzyme lactase that breaks down lactose at a very early age because after several month we too are not meant to be consuming milk.

Commercially bought milk is processed and so belongs under the processed food group which is not a food group we should be consuming very much of. We;’re not saying you shouldn’t drink milk if you like it but if you do then you should drink organic milk, just as any organic or unrefined foods are better for your health and have much more nutrients in them.

The dairy industry is now competing with the popular sweet bottled drinks and has marketed more flavored milk which carries as much sugar as those other drinks. These milk drinks are not healthy and the extra added sugar will negate any nutritional health benefits the milk would have anyway.

Do you really need to drink milk anyway?

Milk’s most touted nutrients are calcium and vitamin D. It’s crazy to think you can’t get these from many other foods if you really tried, at least from even quality supplements. Our society has made people think being lactose intolerant is a disease and some even get prescription drugs and consider surgery, crazy stuff indeed.

What to do?

If you have a lactose tolerant problem fix it by eliminating milk from your diet. Get quality nutrients that will boost your digestive enzyme intake. boost your immune system, add dietary fiber and multiple vitamins and minerals. We successfully do this by taking one simple  product… MX Kiwi Biotic.

MX Kiwi Biotic is the highest and purest quality prebiotic digestive supplement we’ve found to get the digestive system back into a well-balanced state by doing what prebiotics have proven to do… increase the amount of good bacteria in our intestines.

It’s a poor diet that creates an environment that bad bacteria can thrive in and cause all sorts of digestive problems and disease. Increasing your beneficial bacteria turns this environment around and makes it a thriving one for the good bacteria instead of the bad.

Isn’t that what probiotics do?

That’s the reason people take probiotics as supplements or by eating yogurt. But, scientists have discovered that consuming probiotcs has a limited affect because this good bacteria is not self-supportive and must have the nutrients provided by prebiotics to grow.

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