Digestive Health And Exercise

Digestive Health And Exercise

Our body’s were made to move, walk, run, pull and push things. We need physical activity to stay healthy and so digestive health and exercise go hand in hand. Our modern sedentary lifestyle, along with poor dieting habits have caused many health problems and given us disorders and diseases that we never had 100 years ago.

 Walking is one of the best forms of excercise

 In the 1970’s two physicians discovered that walking at a slow, but steady pace for one hour a day could raise the metabolic body rate and so make it easier for someone to lose weight naturally.

Colon health

 When talking about digestive health, the colon must be at the top of the list of importance. As part of the intestinal tract we know that whatever happens here can affect our entire health. They say that all diseases have their start in the intestines.

Exercise is vital for maintaining good colon and GI tract health because it can improve circulation, increase oxygen, and blood flow. Exercising can be helpful in fixing and preventing one of our most common digestive disorders – constipation.

It’s true that exercise can strengthen the wall of our colon, so get going and your colon will too!

 How much exercise?

 If you’ve been living on the coach for the last few years start slow. Go for a long walk each day, an hour if you can. Remember that is enough to actually increase your metabolism.

Weightlifting has it’s own set of health benefits such as strengthening bones and muscle but movement exercises such as walking, running, swimming and riding a bike are most likely better for increasing intestinal tract health.


 The other part of the equation is the food you eat. Eliminating as much commercially processed food is important. These are packaged, canned and bottled and contain all the bad things that are making us unhealthy and fat.

It’s important to realize that it’s not the foods we eat, but the additives that are destroying much of our health. Artificial sweeteners, sugars, trans fats, chemicals and toxins all clog up our digestive system, liver, and colon.

 Two key points for increasing digestive health

 Adding exercise and quality dietary fiber is a winning combo. These two things will get your colon going. This is important because many a problem can come from a clogged and sluggish colon.

 Our highly recommended digestive supplement

Not just any digestive product but an all-natural prebiotic. Prebiotics are what we need to re-store our intestinal good bacteria which is the key for good digestive health. Prebiotics feed good bacteria and probiotics while inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria which can otherwise cause problems, disorders and disease.

The prebiotics digestive supplement MX Kiwi Biotic can help. Kiwi Biotic is made from the kiwifruit, which is the most nutrient-dense fruit known. Not only vitamins and minerals, but digestive enzymes, polyphenols for antioxidant protection, and of course dietary fibers for colon health.