Why You Need More Digestive Enzymes

Why You Need More Digestive Enzymes

If you’re simply looking for a way to increase your intake of digestive enzymes from an all-natural supplement, click here to learn about the best product we’ve found to date. If you’re curious about digestive enzymes and why most everybody needs to get more of them into their system read on…

Digestive enzymes are the most important nutrient that our body can get because without them nothing else can happen. They facilitate the necessary chemical reactions that can break down molecules to their smallest form to enable proper digestion.

The domino affect – more digestive problems

Now more than ever, we suffer the dangerous disorder of enzyme deficiency. Eat as much as we might, most of our store-bought and restaurant food we consume simply does not have sufficient enzymes that our body needs. This of course causes further digestive disorders because of the domino affect the lack of enzymes can create in the entire digestive system.

The market is saturated with inferior digestive supplements that don’t work!

When a manufacturer processes  an enzyme from it’s natural food source, they will end up with an enzyme which behaves differently from when it was intact to the food it was gotten from. As these protein enzymes are ingested by you, they will meet their demise as soon as they hit your stomach because the main enzyme there, which is pepsin, will eat that up instantly.

 Kiwi is different

The kiwifruit contains an enzyme called actinidin. The abundance of this enzyme, along with the many other nutrients it has, makes the kiwifruit one of the best foods for the digestive system.
Consider this;

  • More vitamins and minerals than any other single fruit
  • digestive enzymes
  • dietary fibers
  • phenolic compounds

The vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are obvious for how they help the digestion process and system but what about the good supply of fobbed and phenols?

Phenolic compounds contain natural antioxidants which protect us from such dangerous things as free radical cancer cells.

Fiber, specifically the soluble fiber from the kiwifruit is the prebiotic one which feeds our beneficial bacteria in the large intestine ensuring good intestinal health, keeping things moving in the right direction and well-balanced.

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