Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Digestive Enzyme Supplements

If you are experiencing a digestive problem or two, you’re a member of a large group. Constipation, acid reflux, abdominal pain, boating, gas, diarrhea are all much too common symptoms most people face. Digestive enzyme supplements are a logical answer but are  they effective?

A shortage of enzymes in your system can cause many problems such as the ones just mentioned plus;

  • Chrone’s disease
  • inflammation in the body
  • fatigue
  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • weight gain
  • asthma
  • tendonitis

Many of us just don’t realize how low the nutritional content of a typical western processed food diet can be. It’s the main reason for many of our illnesses and digestive disorders and disease. High contents of unhealthy animal fat and especially refined sugar, which is virtually in every food product we buy at the super market.

Sugar – the Enzyme Killer

Just try buying some packaged food product that doesn’t have sugar, not impossible but pretty tough. Things we don’t expect to have sugar, like bread, healthy yogurt drinks, almost anything in a can. And don’t forget, sugar goes by many names; brown sugar, fructose, glucose, corn syrup, and sugar substitutes such as aspartame are no better.

Our body takes the nutrients it needs from the foods we eat after it is broken down into tiny pieces by our digestive enzymes. This is very important and without proper digestion, many bad things can happen. A deficiency in enzymes can mean trouble so we need to keep their number high.

Sugar wrecks havoc on our mineral production. In our body, minerals rule over every other type of nutrient. Sugar robs us of minerals and when just one of the essential ones is low, the balance of activity in the whole digestive system can be thrown off.

Digestive enzymes are influenced by minerals – minerals sugar works to unbalance. Simply put, sugar kills enzymes.

Why Digestive Enzyme Supplements Don’t Work

Many people buy digestive enzyme supplements in hopes of fixing some digestive disorder which may have been caused by an enzyme deficiency. Typical ones are gas and bloating but there are a wide range of digestive and overall health problems we get due to a high deficiency of enzymes. Looks good on paper, but it doesn’t work. The problem with taking enzymes from a supplement is that natural occurring enzymes don’t work the same way as when they’re derived from their natural state in food.

The active enzymes in your stomach, such as pepsin, work to break down proteins. The digestive enzyme supplements you take are made from protein so they will be eaten up by the pepsin and other protein eating enzymes in the stomach, making them useless there or anywhere later on in the digestive system.


Yes, There is a Recommended Supplement That Can Help

Our featured product is the real deal, not made from any synthetic pharmaceutical substances that will get destroyed by the time they hit your stomach. Made from kiwifruit, which  nutritionists call one of earth’s “superfoods”.

Kiwi Biotic is a prebiotic digestive supplement to be exact. More than a prebiotic supplement, and more than a digestive supplement.

Kiwi Biotic, made entirely from kiwifruit, which contain more vitamins and minerals than any other fruit. What makes the kiwifruit special is that it also contains important prebiotic dietary fibers, phenolic compounds and digestive enzymes.

Yes, there are many kiwi supplements available but due to their high heat extraction process, the enzymes are destroyed. Not MX Kiwi Biotic which uses a different type of process involving only water, no chemicals and high heat.

It really is unlike all other prebiotic or digestive enzyme supplements anywhere, so click to learn how Kiwi Biotic out-performs all digestive enzyme supplements and bring your digestive system back into balance and good health again.


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