Better Digestion Is Yours With a Digestive Health Diet

Better Digestion Is Yours With a Digestive Health Diet

For most of us, not much effort or thought goes into the importance or condition of the digestion system. We just don’t give it much attention until something feels wrong.

Our modern society faces more disorders, illnesses, and disease than ever before in human history. Constipation, acid reflux, inflammatory bowel disease and many others, some of which did not even exist 80 years ago.

Dependency on far too much medication is also part of our modern western lifestyle, which is a problem within itself as every drug can have adverse negative side effects causing a potentially serious problem somewhere else in the body.

The key to better digestive health is a proper balance of good and bad intestinal bacteria, and the key to having good overall health is a strong immune system capable of protecting from dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Did you know that 80% of our immune system is located in our intestines? It’s true, and it’s also true that all disease has it’s start in the gut (intestines) as well. Clearly, the importance of achieving better digestion cannot be under emphasized.

Many who suffer from poor digestion often experience the sometimes very painful heartburn or similar acid reflux symptoms. The typical western doctor will prescribe antacid medications which are mostly available over the counter now. They work by countering excess acids that are causing the painful symptoms.

Antacid medicines can be very dangerous when used for extenuated periods because they can destroy to much acid which your body needs to properly break down and digest food. Also, an over-acidic body is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, parasites, and viruses which thrive in an acidic environment.


Get better digestion through a natural digestive health diet

Wouldn’t you agree that it would be much better, and safer, to achieve better digestion through natural sources? We have safer and more sensible alternatives to drugs with probiotics and prebiotics.

As mentioned earlier, the key to good digestive health is the balance of bacteria in the gut and these two substances work to repopulate and procreate the beneficial bacteria in your intestines. This will also strengthen your immune system, protecting you from diseases.

Both probiotics and prebiotics are natural and one works to support the the; prebiotics supply the probiotics with the specific nutrients needed for them to grow by increasing the good bacteria in your intestinal tract, more specifically the colon.

This is why you’ll likely start to feel their benefits within a few days because the extra beneficial bacteria help to break down food wastes and eliminate more dangerous toxins.

A good digestive health diet means eliminating the junk

 It’s not just the typical junk food we all know is bad for us, there is a lot of processed packaged store-bought food many people don’t even realize is very unhealthy. Virtually all packaged foods have been processed therefor contain additives, chemicals, and trans fats.

Some obvious ones will be the processed white staple foods such as bread, rice and pasta.  Replace those with whole wheat pasta, brown rice and whole grain breads. Also avoid non-organic fruits and vegetables otherwise you are digesting far too many chemicals and toxins from the herbicides and pesticides that are used for producing the commercially, mass produced fruits and vegetables most of us buy.

These few simple changes would drastically increase the amount of important nutrients you are lacking when on a highly processed foods diet. These important nutrients your body has been craving would be the digestive enzymes, extra vitamins, minerals and the dietary fibers.


Better digestion for you and your family

Eating only 100% natural and organically grown food is not always possible for many of us and considering a supplement might be not only smart, but necessary in this case.

Probiotics are good, but unfortunately most people focus only on them and science has proven that they are not self-supportive. This means they must have the nutrients provided by prebiotics to thrive and be effective.

Our research has led us to the all-natural prebiotic digestive supplement Kiwi Biotic. This natural and powerful prebiotic contains not only multiple vitamins and minerals, but also digestive enzymes, polyphenols which have antioxidants and of course the soluble fiber which is the all-important prebiotic nutrient.



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