Best Foods For Digestive Health

 Best Foods For Digestive Health

The best foods for digestive health are unfortunately many of the foods most of us just don’t eat enough of.

These are the whole, unrefined variety as opposed to the kind we usually eat which are the unhealthy, highly refined, commercially bought processed foods that pack the supermarket shelves.

Poor dieting has been the main cause for many of our modern society’s sicknesses and disease. We don’t need a bunch of scientific studies and reports to figure this one out.

Most of our illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, candida and many others were virtually not even known. Add to that the invention of modern food processing which includes preservatives, pesticides, thousands of chemicals and toxins.

The best foods for digestive health

Any foods that have been commercially processed have had most of the valuable nutrients such as fiber and enzymes refined right out of them. So the best foods for your digestive health are whole, unrefined foods.

Avoid the white variety such as rice and bread and replace them with brown rice and whole grain breads. White flour clogs our arteries and refined sugars are among the worst substance we can put into our bodies.

When we eat even the smallest amount of sugar, it has a negative effect on the immune system for 4-6 hours. It also has a damaging effect on the body’s minerals which play a major role in the absorption of nutrients.

Good digestive health starts in your gut

Our gut is the intestinal tract. This is where most diseases start out so it’s critical to keep it healthy. The best way to have good intestinal health is to ensure good growth of the good bacteria there. The most critical part is the colon (large intestine) because most of the bacteria reside there. A clogged and sluggish colon means a breeding ground for bad bacteria and with that comes a number of potential problems in disorders and disease.

The best way to avoid this is by feeding good, quality nutrients to your good bacteria. How do we do this? Prebiotics.

Prebiotics are the key

Prebiotics are found in natural foods. Fruits, vegetables, and many unrefined grains mainly, with a few other exceptions. Here is a more detailed article on prebiotic food sources.

Simple actions will begin your progress to good digestive health health

Start eliminating a few foods loaded with sugars and trans fats, which there are many on every shelf in the supermarket. Remember, just read the labels. Sugar goes beyond white sugar used in coffee. Sugar comes in many forms and goes by many names:

  • corn syrup
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • malto dextrose
  • dextrose
  • sucrose

These are all unhealthy man-made sugars and will make you fat and unhealthy.

The other top 2 killer – trans fats. These are also called hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. They are used by commercial food companies most restaurants and fast food chains all across the land. Trans fats will clog up your system giving you a slow digestive tract, slow metabolism, make you fat and cause all sorts of health disorders.

The are more foods being manufactured without these, but unfortunately, because of loopholes to assist these large companies, many advertise zero trans fats yet use hydrogenated oils. Yes they fool us at every chance they get. Our health is not their concern, only profits.

This is the state of our reality. The point is to at least remove much of this unhealthy, processed food so when you ingest good quality whole foods they will have a chance to do you some good for a change.

Jump start your digestive health with natural prebiotics

The best all-natural prebiotic supplement for good digestive health we’ve found comes from New Zealand. A country boasting almost zero-pollution thanks to their lack of industry and some of the cleanest ocean waters in the world.