Best Digestive Supplement

Best Digestive Supplement

Finding the answer to the question, what is the best digestive supplement, can be tough because there are so many product types available, each targeting a specific problem. What is going to benefit you the most? A liver cleanser, one that supports your pancreas, a colon cleanser, an acid neutralizer, digestive enzyme supplements or a dietary fiber supplement.

With the digestive system, things tend to work in a domino affect. If you have a poor, low quality diet you can easily get deficient in digestive enzymes and dietary fibers which will cause poor nutrient absorption. These can lead to slow and poor digestion which can set off many other disorders. Wouldn’t it be great to find one product that helps in all these areas?

A diet that is rich in necessary nutrients can minimize most all of our common digestive disorders. The problem most of us have is being able to eat such a diet, it’s not easy with so much processed foods that are everywhere we eat and shop. Supplementation does have a place in our society for this exact reason.

Good intestinal health is the key

There have been many studies regarding probiotics and prebiotics and their effect on the digestive system, more specifically the intestinal tract. Medical since tells us that all disease starts there, and whatever happens there can have a major effect on our entire health.

It then stands to reason we would all do well by making sure our intestinal tract is well-balanced and happy. The key to good intestinal health is all about “intestinal flora”. This is the term to describe our good and beneficial bacteria.

It is believed that consuming more probiotics will add the needed good bacteria our gut needs. This may be true, but what scientists have discovered is this type of bacteria is not self-supporting. It’s not enough to simply consume more and more of these to add to the already living bacteria in our intestines. They can’t feed off themselves, they need the nutrients that only prebiotics can provide.

The largest amount of bacteria is found in the large intestine (colon). When we eat fiber, specifically the one known as soluble fiber, it goes through our system entirely undigested until it reaches the colon where it starts a fermentation process. It’s this fermentation that feeds the good bacteria. While the good bacteria thrives on these prebiotic nutrients, the harmful bacteria has the complete opposite effect from this nutritious environment.

Prebiotics actually inhibit the growth of this harmful bacteria that can otherwise form cells on the colon wall. These cells are what sometimes turn into cancerous polyps and it’s for this reason scientists believe prebiotics are a way we can prevent colon cancer.

Of all cancers, colon cancer is the one we can easily prevent through proper diet.

 The best digestive supplement we’ve discovered

The best digestive supplement we’ve found is called MX Kiwi Biotic. Unlike all other supplements made to focus on one particular problem, it’s a multiple supplement because it has prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds, which contain protective antioxidants.

The vitamins, minerals and enzymes act together to help your body absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. The prebiotic fiber increases the amount of good bacteria which helps promote better all around digestive health because it keeps your intestinal tract happy and healthy.

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