Best Digestive Enzymes

Best Digestive Enzymes

To be alive we need enzymes. Their importance cannot be overstated. As important as vitamins and minerals are to our system, they could not do what they are suppose to do without enzymes to be the catalyst that initiate the chemical reactions our body needs for survival.

As far as supplements go, it’s no wonder many want the best digestive enzymes available, but is that even possible from an enzyme supplement? Unfortunately, no.

Having an enzyme deficiency can cause several serious digestive problems. Digestive enzymes actually begin at the very start of the digestive process; in the mouth. There are enzymes called amylase in saliva that start the breakdown of food immediately in the mouth.

The stomach is where much of the next breakdown occurs, and if food leaves the stomach not fully broken down it can cause digestive disorders such as:

  • diverticulosis
  • constipation’
  • diarrhea
  • heart problems
  • bladder problems
  • fungal irritation
  • depressed immune system
  • arthritis
  • gallstones
  • chronic fatigue
  • IBS
  • acne
  • psoriasis

Enzyme supplements are worthless

As mentioned earlier, finding the best digestive enzymes in supplement form will not do what you expect them to do. When enzymes are extracted from plants and other food sources, then processed into supplements they don’t behave the same as they did in their natural form.

When the enzyme supplements hit the stomach they will encounter one of the main enzymes there called pepsin. Pepsin breaks down proteins, and since the enzyme supplements you take are made from protein they will be gobbled up by the pepsin enzymes before they can continue along the digestive tract to do you any good. To ensure you get enough enzymes you will need to get if from natural food sources. There are many foods that contain enzymes such as fresh fruits.

The most nutrient-rich fruit is the kiwifruit and one interesting nutritional fact is that it contains an enzyme called actinidin.

There have been studies done on actinidin and it has been found to greatly assist in even the hardest foods we eat to digest quicker. Foods such as red meat, soy, and dairy. Actinicin is a protease enzyme that behaves in the same way that pepsin does in the stomach.

But it doesn’t end there with the kiwifruit. As mentioned earlier, it’s the most nutrition-rich fruit we have. With good amounts of vitamins, specifically C and E, the minerals magnesium and potassium, healthy fatty acids, all of which help in the digestive process.

But it still doesn’t end there because kiwifruit contains good amounts of the two important types of dietary fiber; insoluble and soluble. Soluble fiber is the one that provides the prebiotic nutrients we need in the large intestine to feed our beneficial bacteria which is vital for good digestive health.

How many kiwifruits to eat daily for sufficient results?

Eating 2-3 kiwifruits a day will produce the required results for proper enzyme and fiber supplementation. An important fact that is often overlooked is that many of these important nutrients are found in the skin of the kiwifruit. Since it is very tart and tough, it can be difficult to eat. Also, the skin of a fruit has pesticides,herbicides and growth hormones, adding chemicals and toxins to your system unless it has been organically grown.


The solution for getting the best digestive enzymes?

MaxaLife Natural Products are a leading natural supplement company. Realizing the potential health benefits of the kiwifruit have produced MaxaLife which is all-natural made entirely from New Zealand grown kiwifruit.

What sets MaxaLife apart from all other digestive supplements and prebiotic supplements is their unique extraction process that doesn’t use high heat and chemicals which destroy most of the valuable digestive enzymes.

Taking one capsule of Kiwi Biotic is equal to eating 2-3 whole kiwifruits. Imagine getting all the digestive enzymes and prebiotic fiber you need everyday from one all-natural capsule, which by the way is made from vegetarian sources and not the animal by-product gelatin like most companies still use.

 Check out MX Kiwi Biotic and it’s impressive long list of benefits



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