You Need The Best Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Best Digestive Enzyme Supplement

If you eat meat and it doesn’t digest properly, it’s much like what happens to a deer that gets hit by a car on the side of the highway… eventually the meat turns rancid and rots. This is what happens when we have a serious lack of enzymes, which by the way, along with fiber deficiencies, contribute the most to American’s digestive health problems.

Many of us suffer from such symptoms as constipation, bloating, gas, IBS, and heartburn because of these deficiencies in our diet. Why? Because to much of what we eat is processed food which gets depleted of most of it’s nutrients.

We would all do well by finding the best digestive enzyme supplement available to ensure that, regardless of how low in nutrition our food is, we still have a good chance at re-balancing  the digestive system.

Did you know that all diseases get their start inside the intestinal tract? Another fact that medical experts tell us is colon cancer (large intestine) can be prevented by proper diet alone. In other words, many people get colon cancer because they eat so much crap for so long and just failed to supply their body with enough of it’s needed nutrients. Let’s not wait for that to happen.

All the nutrients we need can be found in a simple fruit. Let me explain…

To have our food digested efficiently and properly it needs dietary fiber, digestive enzymes, polyphenols, and prebiotics. All these together allow the body to absorb most of the foods nutrients and in doing so can digest them properly.

Bad, poor, or slow digestion can bring on sudden weight gain, fatigue, acid reflux, acne, and weakens the immune system leaving us more open to colds, allergies and flu.

Years of depending on the typical high processed and junk food diet can make our bodies a cesspool of chemicals, harmful bacteria and toxins which create the environment illness and disease thrive in.

Taking an enzyme supplement for this, and an antacid tablet for another thing is not the way to get to the core of your digestive problems. The 4 things we mentioned earlier need to be taken in proportion to one another for a well balanced digestive tract.

Have you heard of, or maybe taken probiotics? Probiotics are a good type of bacteria that we have in our intestinal tract which strengthens our immune system, and helps to promote better digestion.

By taking probiotics, we are adding foreign bacteria to the resident bacteria already in our gut. Probiotics are not self-supportive. They cannot procreate.

What probiotics need is prebiotics

Prebiotics provide the healthy bacteria with the special molecules and nutrients they need to grow. The result is a stronger immune system that can handle the harmful bacteria, keeping you safer and healthier.

 Kiwifruit has all the right stuff

Remember the fruit mentioned earlier? It’s New Zealand’s pride and joy, the kiwifruit. Kiwi’s are known to have a wider variety of nutrients than any other fruit. But more importantly for our intestinal tract, they contain fiber, enzymes, phenols, and prebiotic power.

Kiwifruit is also a natural blood thinner. Eating kiwifruit every day helps keep your heart healthy, your colon happy which scientists believe can help prevent colon cancer.

You don’t want to eat 2 or 3 kiwifruits with skin and all everyday? No problem. This is where we introduce the best digestive enzyme supplement, although it’s more than that.

MX Kiwi Biotic is made entirely from New Zealand-grown kiwifruit, including the entire fruit with the skin is essential because that’s where many of the important nutrients we discussed are found… unlike other simple kiwi supplement powders made from a peeled fruit turned into a freeze-dried pulp.

Learn more about Kiwi Biotic, easily one of the best digestive enzyme supplements you’ll ever find.