Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria

Every time you eat you tamper with the balance of the microorganisms in your intestinal tract. There are something like 100’s of trillions of different microorganisms, also called microbes or bacteria. Without getting too scientific, we can divide it into two groups; good, or beneficial bacteria, and bad, or dangerous bacteria.

It’s been proven that prebiotics can be used to create an environment in our gut (intestines), that is a healthy and favorable living space for our beneficial bacteria. This is extremely important because it’s when the bad guys start getting up in their numbers that digestive problems and disorders start to manifest.

So how can I control my bacteria numbers?

The state of your digestive health is all about the bacteria numbers. Most written reports say 80 / 20 in favor of the good guys. There will always be dangerous bacteria in every digestive system, you can inhibit their growth, and should, but you can never totally annihiliate them. So our job is to consume the right nutrients that will have the greatest effect on doing just that.

Prebiotics can help

Most people don’t even come close to eating enough fiber, and therefore aren’t even close to getting enough of the right nutrients that can create a healthy environment of beneficial bacteria. Your bacterial levels have a big influence on the intestinal tract and can help you achieve greater digestive health, and so, anyone can benefit from eating more prebiotics.

If you have ongoing or unresolved digestive problems, it’s likely there is a big imbalance with your intestinal bacteria which means it’s a good idea for the supplementation of prebiotics, probiotics or both, a combination which is called synbiotics. There are certain foods that are symbiotic. Supplemental prebiotics may also help if you are experiencing allergies, or upper respiratory tract infections.

What other benefits can they provide?

Research has proven that a regular ingestion of prebiotics can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and inflammatory bowel diseases. Experts also tell us that it’s all preventable including the deadly colon cancer.

Why do so many people have low fiber intake?

It can all be linked to the low nutrient modern western diet most of us eat. Too many unhealthy fats and sugars and not enough quality foods. You can’t get enough fiber from highly processed foods. Much of what’s processed out is the fiber!

How can I turn it around, right now?

It doesn’t happen over night, and since a total life-style change is very difficult, if not impossible for most of us, you could at least start to incorporate more quality foods into your diet. A good supplement will help as well.

Think twice before buying a prebiotic supplement

Many prebiotic supplements on the market only include fiber, and as important as it is, prebiotics don’t start and end with just fiber. To be a true prebiotic powerhouse it must also include these other nutrients as well:

Phenolic compounds – phenols have a positive effect on good bacteria while inhibiting harmful bacteria growth. Phenolic compounds also contain antioxidants that protect us from cancer and age-related problems such as early blindness and pre-mature wrinkles.

Enzymes – many people take enzyme supplements due to enzyme deficiencies. We must have plenty of them for our food to be properly digested so it can provide the body with all the important nutrients. Food that continues from the stomach that is not properly broken down can cause a number of things to go wrong; heart disease, joint pain, obesity to name just a few.

Your health depends on getting the best help and benefits possible. Get the best prebiotic supplement available today…

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