Go Bananas For Digestive Health

Go Bananas For Digestive Health

It’s a shame so many people will turn to heavily advertised ads and TV commercials and take non-prescription drugs, prescription drugs for any digestion problems. The problem with those, and other digestive medicine is they contain unhealthy man-made synthetic additives and chemicals to treat a wide range of digestive disorders but in the long run can cause other problems. Sometimes the cure can be as simple as eating certain foods such as bananas for treating digestive health problems.

Bananas are very easy on the digestive system and can benefit the symptoms of diarrhea and constipation. We sometimes look for foods that are easy on our system and you can mark bananas down as one of those for sure.

Good source of prebiotics

We know the importance of prebiotics to feed our good bacteria in the intestinal tract to improve the digestive system. Many people still believe this is only done through the use of probiotics but recent studies show different. Probiotics we’ve learned, can be beneficial but they are not self-supportive and need the nutrients of prebiotics to feed on and procreate.

Bananas are good for digestive health because they also contain good amounts of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, the mineral manganese and vitamin B6. Very impressive for one small piece of fruit! But there is an even smaller fruit that beats out the banana’s nutritional content, and that’s the kiwifruit.

Bananas and kiwifruit – good sources of potassium

If you’ve never eaten a kiwifruit, some describe the taste as being a mix between a banana, pineapple, and strawberry. As small as the kiwi is it contains as much potassium as a banana. Potassium is an important mineral we need which helps to maintain the body’s pH balance, which helps control acid build-up from certain foods. To much acid can be very hard on the digestive system.

The kiwifruit is also a great source of prebiotics containing even more dietary fiber, digestive enzymes, phenolic compounds, vitamins and minerals. Actually, it contains more nutrients than any other fruit. So there you have it, 2 powerful fruits that can boost your digestive system with a lot of important and necessary nutrients that will really help your digestive health.


Improve digestive health with an all-natural prebiotic digestive supplement that’s made entirely from the kiwifruit

This is MX Kiwi Biotic and here are the facts:

Prebiotics – These are the nutrients that feed our good bacteria (probiotics) which give us good digestive health. Scientific research has shown them to be associated with improving mineral absorption, increased immune performance, reduction in allergies, and better heart health.

Soluble Fiber – soluble fiber is one of the main reasons why prebiotics are so effective for the colon and increasing digestive health in general. Most of us won’t ever get enough because of our poor high processed food diets. Kiwi Biotic boasts soluble and insoluble fiber and has more of it than psyllium husk or regular fiber supplements.

Digestive Enzymes – enzymes are all-important for breaking down the food we eat. An enzyme deficiency can cause many digestive problems. Kiwifruit contains an enzyme called actinidin, which acts the same way the pepsin enzyme does in the stomach for breaking down food. Normal high heat processing methods kill off almost all enzymes, which is why it’s not used in making Kiwi Biotic.

Phenolic Compounds – mostly found in the skin of a few fruits, these have been shown to stop production of dangerous bacteria and at the same time promote the growth of good bacteria in our intestines. Phenols also contain powerful antioxidants that protect our body from many dangerous pathogens and the process of pre-mature aging such as wrinkling of the skin and early blindness.

Eat a banana a day to improve digestive health and make sure you step it up another couple notches with the powerful kiwifruit in Kiwi Biotic.

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