Discover Prebiotic Foods For Optimal Digestive Health

Discover Prebiotic Foods For Optimal Digestive Health

It is common for most people these days to live busy lives and have continuous demands from both their work life and family life. Unfortunately this modern lifestyle makes many of us eat to many unhealthy foods that are quick and convenient and usually void of quality nutrients our bodies need for good health.

Rather than make a nice healthy salad to take to work with you and eat on your lunch break, you may find yourself constantly popping in to McDonalds or another fast food chain for your lunch. The same goes for your evening meal; if you’ve had a hard day at work, you may not want to prepare a nice healthy meal and find it easier just reaching for the take away menu and having your supper delivered to you.

If you can relate to this, then it is important you understand that these unhealthy foods are damaging the health of your digestive system.

What you should be doing is eating plenty of prebiotic foods to keep your digestive system nice and healthy. This in turn will lead to optimal overall health.

Foods Containing Prebiotics

Prebiotics are a type of carbohydrate that stimulates the healthy bacteria that live inside your digestive tract (the gut). The healthy bacteria feed off of these and this keeps them active and healthy allowing them to fight off the bad bacteria. This ensures a balanced digestive system.

Prebiotics cannot be digested and so they remain in the gut until the good bacteria have finished feeding on them. The good bacteria are known as probiotics.

Below is a list showing some good examples of prebiotic foods:

  • Kiwi fruits
  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Artichokes
  • Onions
  • Garlic and leeks
  • Legumes
  • Oats, barley and wheat
  • Soy beans

If you are sourcing prebiotics from food, always choose whole fruits over juices that usually contain added sugars.


The above foods are quite easy to start adding to your diet, but to get the level of prebiotics that you should be consuming to keep your digestive system as healthy as possible, you would have to eat a lot of these foods on a daily basis. This is not always realistic.

For this reason, many people choose to take supplements that contain prebiotics as you can get just the right amount you require from just one capsule each day. The most popular supplements are ones that are formulated using kiwi fruits.

Kiwi Fruit Supplements

digestive supplementsThis has been shown to be one of the very best foods you can eat to boost your digestive system health. The kiwi fruit is a super fruit that also has many other health benefits. Research has shown that eating 2-3 kiwi’s daily can give us many health benefits, particularly when it comes to gut health.

But we can get the same benefits without eating all those kiwi’s everyday. Now there is a high Quality, all-natural supplement called Kiwi-Klenz. This is mad from the highest quality kiwi fruit grown in New Zealand and manufactured by Xtend-Life Natural Products. Click here to learn more