What Is The Best Prebiotic?

Here we will discuss what is the best prebiotic, as sources from both natural foods and prebiotic supplements. It’s a good time to learn about prebiotics because we are in the early stages of a market soon to be saturated with prebiotic food additives and supplements so it’s wise to know as much about them as you can.

The best prebiotic food

Most prebiotic foods can be found in the carbohydrate food group. Complex carbs such as unrefined grains, certain vegetables and simple carbs such as fresh fruit. Here is a list of some foods which have the highest prebiotic content:

Raw chicory root – chicory is a plant that boasts the highest prebiotic content but is also excellent for purifying the blood and clean the liver.

Jerusalem artichokes – not the tastiest vegetable, a bit like a raw potato and not at all like the regular artichokes you may recognize in your market. High in prebiotics, vitamins and minerals.

Dandelions – yes, dandelion greens, like the ones in your lawn or garden. If you would, or could eat these they would supply you with plenty of prebiotic nutrients.

Garlic – not only is this a great prebiotic food but it has many other proven health benefits as well as undoubtedly on many nutritionists top healthiest foods list.

Leeks – leeks are actually a member of the garlic family and contain almost as much prebiotics as garlic.

More good prebiotic foods

If you can’t get all of these into your diet, there are many other foods, lower in prebiotic content but possibly much more accessible and tastier; kiwifruit, banana, asparagus, raw onions, oats, wheat and bran.

Just remember, if you eat a packaged cereal like bran flakes or corn flakes they will contain some fiber but because of the added refined sugar, most of the nutrient value will be depleted. Yes, sugar is a killer, that’s why only unrefined grains can count.

The best prebiotic supplements

This is one of the things we’ve researched for a while now and one of the main reasons for this website. We’ve checked out very popular products such as Bimuno and Prebiotin. You can read the articles if you’re interested but in short, some of these are mainly synthetic and others are made using inulin and FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) which are a source of dietary fiber.

While I personally haven’t had problems with inulin/FOS, doctors have reported many patients do. Doctors Rubin and Brasco, authors of the popular book “Restoring Your Digestive Health” said that “Popular prebiotic supplements include FOS and inulin. In our experience, these supplements do not help patients, but instead cause them to develop bloating and gas.

There are some made with kiwifruit powders, and if you’ve read anything on this website or anywhere else about the huge benefits of kiwifruit, it’s not surprising many companies use it as a prebiotic source. The problem with most of these are they are freeze-dried powders made using a high heating process. High heat destroys the digestive enzymes of the fruit.

The other problem is they discard the skins and don’t use them in the extraction process. The skins just happen to contain much of the prebiotic fibers and other very important nutrients. These 2 points make for an inferior product.

The best prebiotic supplement hands down, bar none…

MX Kiwi Biotic is truly one of a kind on the prebiotic supplement market because it goes beyond supplying only fiber as do the other products.

Since Kiwi Biotic uses the entire kiwifruit in the extraction process, it includes all it’s dietary fiber which comes from the skin. Enzymes are not destroyed due to the non-high heat, water only process that is unique to Maxalife.

Phenolic compounds are another important piece of the puzzle for improving your digestive tract. They are abundant in kiwifruit and not only support good gut bacteria but inhibit growth of dangerous bacteria.

Phenols also contain antioxidants which protect your body from radical cancer producing DNA cells, and the pre-mature aging process.

To date there is no other prebiotic digestive supplement that compares to Kiwi Biotic.  Click here to learn more from Maxalife, the people who have successfully made the best prebiotic supplement to be a truly effective, all-natural way to improve all aspects of your digestive system.

Before you buy any supplement, especially a prebiotic one, you should take a look at the processing technique used by the company which is selling them.The truth is, taking the wrong prebiotic supplement can give you a fraction of the expected health benefits because some of the most important nutrients such as digestive enzymes and dietary fibers can be destroyed during production.

To your health, naturally!