How Prebiotics Help the Elderly

How Prebiotics Help the Elderly

Human life expectancy is longer now than it was. Our modern diet which includes even more processed foods leaves many without the necessary amount of dietary fiber needed to have a well functioning digestive system.

As we get on with age, the lack of fiber will create more problems since the body has more dietary needs because of it’s many deteriorating factors, making prebiotics for the elderly even more important.

There have been studies showing how probiotics and prebiotics can be effective in preventing certain diseases as well as promoting specific aspects of health. Evidence from clinical testing with elderly subjects, specifically in regards to 3 of the most common conditions they have; constipation, lactose intolerance, and calcium absorption.


Increased prebiotics can benefit the elderly with many symptoms

An increased probiotic bacteria in the intestinal tract through the support of prebiotics has been shown to boost the immune system. This is important because as we grow older, the immune system will grow weaker, causing more digestive problems. Also, an older body will absorb less nutrients from food.

Common digestive disorders many elderly people face:

  • diarrhea – oftentimes because of prescribed medications
  • constipation – diet low in fiber
  • Abdominal and colon pain
  • Polyps in the large intestine


Let’s talk about polyps in the large intestine first, since they are not only quite common but are precursors to colon cancer. What makes this truly sad is health professionals tell us that of all cancers this one is easily preventable, and it gets back to a bad diet lacking in the very important dietary fiber.

The thing about polyps in the large intestine is that they do not just happen overnight. In fact they are formed by pathogenic cells that can stick on the intestinal wall for many years before turning into a polyp, which can again take more years to develop into cancer, if they do so at all.

It’s the build-up of all the years that makes this more concerning for the elderly. But you can improve your digestive health at any age, and it starts with promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. How do you do this? Prebiotics.

Here’s how prebiotics help

The main thing prebiotics do is feed our probiotic bacteria, the good and beneficial bacteria that keeps our digestive system healthy. Prebiotic fibers enter the colon and begin to ferment. It’s this fermentation that feeds the good bacteria. But just as important, it also prevents growth of the bad bacteria (pathogens) which does not allow them to stick to the colon wall and form the cells which can later become polyps.

This is why scientists are saying this may be an important link between prebiotics and the prevention of colon cancer. Once this prebiotic activity is happening on a regular basis you will start to feel the benefits. Bowel functions can improve because of better stool consistency and regularity.

How to get prebiotics into your body

Whole grains such as raw oats and barley, certain raw vegetables such as raw onions, artichokes, and broccoli. Many fresh fruits such as kiwifruit, bananas, and apples also provide prebiotics. Getting more of these types of whole, natural foods will help any elderly person achieve better digestive health.


Our Recommendation For the Elderly and Prebiotics:

To battle the discomfort of things like constipation and other digestive disorders try to increase your prebiotic intake. The best way to do it without having to eat huge amounts of raw vegetables and raw grains, try the all-natural highly recommended prebiotic supplement MX Kiwi Biotic.

One natural vegetable capsule per day is all it takes for prebiotic substances that will keep you regular and help your body increase it’s absorption of nutrients to increase your digestive health.

We hope that you have seen how prebiotics can help the elderly so why not give Kiwi Biotic a try today and start to feel the change in very short order.


We have created this site to share our knowledge and independent research for what we believe is the best way to achieve natural digestive health. So before you give into pharmaceutical drugs and all the side effects that go along with them, try the natural way.


To your good health!

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